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  1. Best watch name ever!

    Wow, this actually makes sense, cunt + ur(watch in swedish). It is bound to be the worst watch u have ever owned, stopping, running to fast and with an alarm that tells you that you are getting to fat...
  2. Member sale section?

    Is this 1:1 mod, best version or only v2?
  3. I think the best way in the repgame is to order something from all the tds, then you stick with the ones you get the best "feeling" from. Im sure anyone of them can source any watch. I think thats better in the long run instead of trying to save 2-3 bucks.
  4. I think noobfactory has the cheapest one.
  5. seiko astron djokovic

    Thanks gregr, I was going for a replacement of the "dayly beater", ill have to drag my ass into the big city to try to figure out which one looks the best on the arm, no gold for me this time i guess. Richard, the suspense is rising! British Dictionary definitions for reference Expand reference /ˈrɛfərəns; ˈrɛfrəns/ noun 1. the act or an instance of referring 2. something referred, esp proceedings submitted to a referee in law 3. a direction of the attention to a passage elsewhere or to another book, document, etc I referred to the seiko djoko Love you tho, you guys keep this place clean enough and smirky fun!
  6. seiko astron djokovic

    But... but... its a placeholder for the review! Golden or not golden, one or another will turn up on my doorstep! Ive never bought a goldplated watch, dont want to make a misstake, maybe a sse013 or sse017 would be better?
  7. Hi fellows, Thinking about buying a sse022 http://www.seiko-astron.com/ndlimited/ What do you think, its goldplated which scares me...
  8. Oh you want refund, here have some more money right out of td pocket! If you dont want to have fees, there is the possibility to book a travel, if you are nice the td might give you a tour also...
  9. Can't wait to see my whole world come crumbling down, need those 5 posts
  10. Hi guys, Newly salvated watchnerd here, located in Stockholm Sweden. I already regret talking to my college introducing me to the world of reps, but here i am, owner of a jaeger lecoultre chrono/duometre. I'm now on the lookout for something that glows in the dark