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  1. Noob awaiting first order.

    Sounds like they are on there way, but if not, careful checking of the QC pocs is really important. One thing you might not ordinarily look at (I Missed it twice!) is the alignment of the hands. Make sure they are bang on the hour otherwise it will really erk you everytime you look at the watch!! As for your choices - Tops - I have both of these and I think they would be the ones I would keep if I had to ditch all the others. Simple, classy and very close to gen. Enjoy!
  2. My Collection So Far

    Excellent - a great balance of quality timepieces.
  3. Which glue for a ceramic bezel?

    Use a very thin double sided adhesive film. You can buy it especially cut for bezels on ebay.
  4. http://www.ttw8488.com/ Broken watch stolen

    Sorry - but you never call out a TD in open forum until you've been through the mods. To seriously suggest that you were deliberately sent a bust watch is a massive and inappropriate assumption, and I am sure wrong. Why would any TD do that?? Sure, dealers don't always get everything right first time, but you might want to examine your moral compass before becoming so precious here. This isn't a high street retail industry and a lot sways on patience, respect and going about things in the proper manner. Frankly whether or not you have been turned over has been lost in the way you have carried on. I always hope that my orders will come through well and Andrew has always been very good to deal with. However, some might say that this is a slightly less than legit hobby and on that basis I never commit money for a watch that I can't ultimately afford to lose. If you want that peace of mind, go and order a nice accurist online.
  5. GET WELL SOON Rolie. ***UPDATE**AGAIN 7/7/15

    Excellent to hear all is well my friend.
  6. GET WELL SOON Rolie. ***UPDATE**AGAIN 7/7/15

    All the best mate. Antony
  7. Montauk DOA - Any ideas?

    Having read up some more, I think it is something to do with the reverse gear. The rotor spins like crazy out of control..
  8. Montauk DOA - Any ideas?

    Hi All, thanks for the replies. No, nothing seems to want to make this bad boy run! I'm in the UK, although I guess I could post anywhere. Just want to get it working. Will be in touch.
  9. Hi All - just shipped in AP montauk m2m and it arrived DOA. I am satisfied it was working before it was shipped, but it now won't fire up. Guessing it dislodged something in transit. I tried gently air blowing the balance wheel and it flicks up and them stops, although interestingly the secs at 12 doesnt move with it. Any ideas on a simple fix or is it a strip job? If it is, who would be best to send it to? Any help would be appreciated, I love this watch and am gutted it wont go! I should add that I will have upgraded to VIP by the time I do anyhting with this - I know that some repairers have this as a criteria. Cheers Ant
  10. Seasons greetings from London

    If funds are an issue, rebuilding a rep with an ETA movt might not be the most economic route, unless your Sub is particularly high end, in which case why was the movement poor? Just saying as Asian ETA clones can be had for modest money. An Asian ETA movt is over 100 bucks and a Swiss movt (if there is such a thing these days!) is north of $250. Add in the labour cost etc etc and then add it up...... Just a thought. A new one from a TD might be a better option.
  11. As mentioned in my WTB thread, I bought an AP Navy Themes which turned out to have butchered Lug screws. I have managed to remove 3, but the last one is too far gone. I now need 4 new screws, but more importantly any tips for removing the one screw which has no slot.
  12. Paypal

    Hi Mate Some do and some don't. However, you have to build up some credibility and reputation before they will risk their business on someone they have not dealt with before. Bottom line is that most will expect Western Union in the first instance at least! If not always. It's a bit optimisitc to expect to pay by paypal in the first instance as an unkown quantity. Cheers A
  13. Just picked this up as a daily

    Captures the AP style nicely, and who can argue with a freebie!!!
  14. 44mm v 40mm PAM

    44 all the way!!!!