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  1. ALE's "Reference PAM REVIEW-GUIDE"

    An incredible body of work that helps all improve their knowledge of both gen and replica Pams. It is such fantastic attention to detail and thorough knowledge of the subject that raises the level of all who read it. Excellent work Ale, you have my undying gratitude and respect for this.
  2. Which rep is most likely to be called out?

    Venomous, I'll have you know that my Skoda is gen, just like my diamond encrusted Rolex Quartz!!
  3. Which rep is most likely to be called out?

    Strange question. Your level of anxiety on being 'called out' on a rep depends on your motivation for wearing it. If you are at the AGM of Montres Suisse and you wear a fake you might attract some questions, but who or why would someone question you in general. Oh hold on, here's a scenario Mugger: Excuse, but I'd like to know if you Rolex is real before I mug you, as this will affect what I get at my fence's shop. You: Sorry mate this is your unlucky night, this is just my noob factory rep, mug me tomorrow when I'm wearing the real thing. Mugger: Thank you, that's very decent of you, see you here tomorrow at 7:30 BTW I think if you were to be called out it would be a 'gold' Rolex
  4. Quartz Microstep

    Thanks for that Daywatch, it looks like I need to expand my horizons a little. Over to the TDs or M2M to see what's in store
  5. Quartz Microstep

    Can anyone tell me how smooth the sweep of such a movement would be. I have always avoided quartz movements because of their tendency to 'step' instead of 'sweep', but I am being hasty in my judgement? Any experts or opinions? All comments appreciated
  6. Fantastic tutorial really clear and some great tips. Thank you!
  7. Tracking portal for newbies

    Sconehead you're a diamond geezer, just what I need Thank you!
  8. A brief word about QC photos

    Thanks for a very informative piece
  9. How a Pay Pal account works.

    Oh yes, this happens a helluva lot in Cardsharing forums and PayPal can be very highhanded if they think your purchase is in any way dodgy. These are good guidelines and will keep you as safe as you can expect to be buying fake goods
  10. A great intro to replicas, with all the hype you see on websites some people expect an almost perfect copy of a gen at a bargain basement price. Great to see that someone is managing expectations
  11. Hello RWG

    Hi all I'm arniesack and I am glad to have landed here