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  1. Invicta Popeye auto diver ~$69

    I reckon Invicta have missed a trick there.
  2. Me thinks that this is one matter you should take up with your MP. How the hell can HMRC justify demanding the payment of vat for service costs carried out in Canada? And as for that last paragraph, I really don't believe what I am reading. If an item is replaced FOC HMRC can still charge vat on it? Talk about being money grabbing buggers for the chancellor.
  3. Is this a scam?

    Fixed their email address for them.
  4. Lets all spam the forum.....

    How come you escaped from Section 8???
  5. Genuine Wrist Check - August 17

    dave That's an ENICAR David
  6. Can't post at RWI

    No disrespect to Admin/Mods on this but WHY would you want to join there when THIS IS THE BEST SITE?
  7. The apocalypse!!! It's coming.....

    That appears to be very sound thinking. Ye gods!!! Common sense making an appearance on THIS forum?? Whatever next?
  8. 84US$ for an asian 7750??

    @GenTLe Thanks for the heads up on that seller. Looks like he may have a movement that I can use on a Rollie that I have and is defunct.
  9. Fucking photobucket

    Given this new version of "ransomware", I have downloaded all my images back to my PC and deleted my account. When I have time, I will look around for a suitable alternative.
  10. Omega cheapie

  11. Finally Caught a Vintage Vulcain Cricket

    That' s a nice watch you've got there. See if this link assists you any further with your research http://www.ranfft.de/cgi-bin/bidfun-db.cgi?10&ranfft&2&2uswk&Vulcain_120
  12. Now I wonder how long is it going to be before this member ends up in the gulag?
  13. VIP (Or Upgrade) FREE Watchbox Givaway

    Great gesture Genius. I've got enough watches on my bench to fill another box so I'm in - thank you.
  14. Is this beautiful or is this beautiful?

    That's not a watch I would be inclined to fork out £2000 GBP for. @FL13 's watch looks far classier than the two watches that you have linked to.