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  1. JLC Reverso Classic Automatic

    As others have said, outstanding review and superb photography. Well done sir!!
  2. Ssteel - RepGeek - Are you buying this?

    I am surprised that after all this time, along with his shenanikins of the past, he hasn't been banned from the geek. He must surely be sailing close to the wind.
  3. Tag link ladies quartz dead

    At the bottom of your picture and to the right of the stem would appear to be a reset point. I.e. after fitting the battery you would connect the positive side of the battery to that point to reset the watch and make it function. Unfortunately, your movement picture has been washed out due to the light shining on it and, despite my attempts in using photoshop I cannot make the markings on the movement any clearer (see below) Is there any chance you can take a photo of the movement that clearly show the markings on the plate of the movement and post it here?
  4. return seized by chinese customs id required.

    Seek advice from one of the mods on here and see if anything else can be worked out.
  5. Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sales

    Waahay it's a Mickey Mouse. Great stuff. But at that price and 47mm case , I 'll give that a miss.
  6. I may have a problem......

    Yours and mine both and I've got about 60
  7. 1000 Posts

    @Thommo82 best I can do at short notice mate.
  8. 1000 Posts

    Congratulations Thommo. Onward and upward to the next 1000
  9. 2yr/4000 post Giveaway VIP Only

    @splke Thanks again for running this give-away - the watch arrived safe and sound today. Needless to say I am very please with it.
  10. Watch Cabinet Project

    That has cleaned up a treat - well done sir.
  11. Dtime

    Wholeheartedly agree with you. The OP would be better off re reading the New Members area - if he ever read them at all, which I doubt - and start again.
  12. Watch regulation.

    Google is your friend here - have a look at the tube videos https://www.google.co.uk/search?client=opera&q=regulating+an+automatic+watch&sourceid=opera&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8
  13. 2yr/4000 post Giveaway VIP Only

    PBR - I've opted for the orange dialled Rotary.
  14. 2yr/4000 post Giveaway VIP Only

    Apologies for the delay - work getting in the way - PM sent sir. And my congratulations to everyone else.
  15. 2yr/4000 post Giveaway VIP Only

    Excellent gesture @splke and congratulations on attaining 4000 posts. Please count me in for the draw.
  16. Invicta Popeye auto diver ~$69

    I reckon Invicta have missed a trick there.
  17. Me thinks that this is one matter you should take up with your MP. How the hell can HMRC justify demanding the payment of vat for service costs carried out in Canada? And as for that last paragraph, I really don't believe what I am reading. If an item is replaced FOC HMRC can still charge vat on it? Talk about being money grabbing buggers for the chancellor.
  18. Is this a scam?

    Fixed their email address for them.
  19. How come you escaped from Section 8???
  20. Genuine Wrist Check - August 17

    dave That's an ENICAR David
  21. Can't post at RWI

    No disrespect to Admin/Mods on this but WHY would you want to join there when THIS IS THE BEST SITE?
  22. The apocalypse!!! It's coming.....

    That appears to be very sound thinking. Ye gods!!! Common sense making an appearance on THIS forum?? Whatever next?
  23. 84US$ for an asian 7750??

    @GenTLe Thanks for the heads up on that seller. Looks like he may have a movement that I can use on a Rollie that I have and is defunct.
  24. Fucking photobucket

    Given this new version of "ransomware", I have downloaded all my images back to my PC and deleted my account. When I have time, I will look around for a suitable alternative.