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  1. Maybe I am too "old school" but I would never entrust any files (photo files or other) to any internet company for storage , every photo I ever uploaded to photobucket and other sites, I keep originals on a spare drive , when photobucket did what they did recently i simply logged on ,deleted all (ALL) of my files that were kept by them and closed my account . if you value your images, there is only one person you can trust to keep them safe for future use ,and that is you. photobucket must have lost a shitload of customers over this . strange that the "known issue" you speak of , preventing users from downloading thier own property, only cropped up recently . it looks like a desperate move by photobucket to deter its customers from leaving.
  2. Genuine Wrist Check - June 17

    That's a gen?!?! Dayum! err, sorry ,no. it was meant to go in the weekly wrist check thread, but I clicked the wrong thread by mistake, dislexia and whisky dont mix too well eh,
  3. Genuine Wrist Check - June 17

    just finished tinkering , so Ithink I will wear this un for a few days.
  4. done with this one, re-aged the dial , small hand @ 9, new T21 crystal, not happy with the case , but until a more accurate one comes along, thats it for me, no more to do. an experiment , first attempt at ageing a dial,lume etc.
  5. Don't shoot me....but...

    I guess he could means one of these LOL, though the later speedmasters (44mm)come in a host of colours and patterns including "panda" types. better if the OP was a bit more specific.
  6. The "post your Rolex" thread

  7. The "post your Rolex" thread

  8. Gen Heuer 74 Silverstone

    yes, its a fairly complex movement, it was used also by Breitling, hamilton etc. the rotor is silky smooth and keeps the watch well topped up with the minimum of effort. here is a Cal 11 , same movement apart from some very minor differences.
  9. Gen Heuer 74 Silverstone

    here are a couple I took , wears bigger than its actual size suggests, and the Cal 12 movement is a work of art , I believe it was Heuer who made the first ever chronograph Automatic , yes its an automatic, the micro rotor is hidden in there between the layers . you have to see it in the flesh to get just how wonderful the red dial is .
  10. Gen Heuer 74 Silverstone

    Super watch ,someone has a NOS (same model/colour) on Ebay for £13.200. with an increasingly large crowd of followers .
  11. Panerai Blue Dials

    email the TD's yourself ,with a picture of the model your looking for and if anyone makes them , you will have your answer soon.
  12. New Week Wrist Check - w/c 1st May

    finished tinkering, (for now) so will be wearing this today.
  13. The "post your Rolex" thread