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  1. First time I will sell some watches here

    If you are not a VIP, you must have a certain post count, and then can only sell one at a time. If you become a VIP, you can sell multiple watches at the moderators discretion.
  2. 39 MM or other vintage Royal Oak Rep?

    JF 15450 my friend. Every bit the quality of the JF 15400.
  3. New here, immediate question

    Ramon, I understand your anxiety over the decision to choose the watches you have. We all experience it. You have placed an order with a reputable dealer and you will get what you ordered. It is almost certain you will be happy with your purchase but if you are not you can sell them on M2M. If you are looking for further reviews check our RWI there are many good reviews on that site.
  4. New here, immediate question

    Most Breitlings are very well done. The one you chose should be very well made and impressive. Good choices on both enjoy!
  5. New here from Louisiana

    Welcome from Kansas!
  6. New Here from Texas

    Welcome aboard from Kansas!
  7. Breguet Marine Troubillon 5839

    There is nothing even remotely close to this model. There have been some decent Breguet reps but nothing quite this complicated.
  8. New From FLORIDA

    Hello and welcome! Enjoy your time here there is a lot to learn.
  9. Rule #27, if you have to ask if it's fake, it is.
  10. New Ti Breitling. What am I missing?

    They used to be a string factory but the market dropped out and now they make reps. Not sure how accurate it is but the build quality looks amazing.
  11. Rolex Mania - Reps Vs Gens!

    DSSD and ceramic Daytona are reps...
  12. Please update what you find out from Tim.
  13. The AP JF 15450 breif review

    Added some comparison pics with a sub ^.
  14. Welcome aboard! The watch you are interested in is very well made by the factories and readily available by our trusted dealers. Best advice, spend some time researching before you buy, but it sounds like you are already on that track.