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  1. New Here from Texas

    Welcome aboard from Kansas!
  2. Breguet Marine Troubillon 5839

    There is nothing even remotely close to this model. There have been some decent Breguet reps but nothing quite this complicated.
  3. New From FLORIDA

    Hello and welcome! Enjoy your time here there is a lot to learn.
  4. Rule #27, if you have to ask if it's fake, it is.
  5. New Ti Breitling. What am I missing?

    They used to be a string factory but the market dropped out and now they make reps. Not sure how accurate it is but the build quality looks amazing.
  6. Rolex Mania - Reps Vs Gens!

    DSSD and ceramic Daytona are reps...
  7. Please update what you find out from Tim.
  8. The AP JF 15450 breif review

    Added some comparison pics with a sub ^.
  9. Welcome aboard! The watch you are interested in is very well made by the factories and readily available by our trusted dealers. Best advice, spend some time researching before you buy, but it sounds like you are already on that track.
  10. while it may be a little thick, that looks pretty good The 53mm size might be a bit big for a 6 year old lol. Maybe he can design a tiny version.
  11. THE COSPAS-SARSAT SYSTEM The international Cospas-Sarsat system is based on a network of satellites in low-altitude earth orbit (LEOSAR) and in geostationary orbit (GEOSAR); it also comprises ground receiving stations as well as control and coordination centers. Its mission is to provide accurate and reliable distress alert and homing data. Supplying this information helps search and rescue (SAR) authorities provide fast and efficient assistance to persons in distress. Since its launch in 1985, the Cospas-Sarsat system has helped save more than 26,000 lives. The maritime, aviation and land operations comprise three steps: alert, homing and rescue. The alert and homing phases used the same 121.5 MHz analog frequency up until 2009, when Cospas-Sarsat decided that it would phase out satellite processing at 121.5 MHz frequency and that alerts would be triggered only on 406 MHz – a digital frequency able to offer enhanced security, to provide more comprehensive information and to reduce the number of false alarms. The 121.5 MHz signal is nonetheless still received on land, by ships at sea and by airborne aircraft, and remains the most efficient and reliable system for homing in on victims. Distress radio beacons must thus be of the dual frequency type in order to guarantee accurate homing
  12. There is already a watch that does basically what you are describe. It's called the Breitling Emergency and can track a person anywhere in the world in the event of n emergency. Costs a bit more than what you are imagining I assume... https://www.breitling.com/en/emergency/presentation/
  13. Picked up a few German pieces.

    Sweet! Half Pelagos half BLNR.
  14. I have some questions

    Resent photo from inside replica factory...