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  1. Take a look at this video. Breitling uses the same concept for most of their bracelets. Hope this helps. And yes... They are a pain to adjust.
  2. The Never Ending Seikos Wristies!

    I can finally join the Seiko crowd since I fixed this one. Need a new strap. I had this one in a box and it is terrible. But I just love this watch.
  3. A little help would be appreciated...

    Thanks for sharing your watch's picture. I missed the original post, but it does look interesting.
  4. A little help would be appreciated...

    Erre Dos? Some of my father's friends called me that when I was a little kid growing up in PR.
  5. A little help would be appreciated...

    Close that screen and click on the link again. It should take you to the right page the second time.
  6. You should be able to get a gen HE valve (in the US we have Otto-Frei). The threads may be different, but can be modified to fit the tube. I use JB-Weld, a two part epoxy, to glue tubes to cases.
  7. Seiko Monster - Mk2

    ....disagree! If you want a real monster watch you want this watches 45mm big brother That's a monster on steroids. Very cool looking piece.
  8. Seiko Monster - Mk2

    The Monster is a real monster. I have an original Orange Monster which I bought about 12 years ago. It still works just as it did when I first bought it. Wear it in good health.
  9. That was my reaction as soon as I read the very first post. Speechless! :lmao: :lmao: :lmao:
  10. Thank you. This could explain why I've had issues with movements before.
  11. I just received a Seagull ST-2130 to replace a dead Sellita SW200 on a SOSF. Before I attempt to install it, I want to make sure I get this right because I've damaged other movements while attempting to remove/install the stem. Some people recommend removing the stem while it is in the "winding" position while others recommend removing it while in the "date setting" or third position. What is the consensus among the members?
  12. Finally bought my first Gen Omega - it has arrived!

    Congratulations. Wear it in good health.
  13. Hello everyone, A few weeks back there was a post about a PO owner who had a custom leather strap made where he could use the end links and buckle of the metal bracelet. I've spent the last couple of hours looking for the original post and have not been able to find it. Any help will be appreciated. I guess I should've saved the link to the original post. Actually... I just found it... Phizzy Perfection!!! by cogwatch.
  14. Hey member from USA

    Welcome from Washington, DC
  15. Two New Arrivals

    I'm slowly becoming a fan of Omega, but I can't get into the Nato straps. There is something about them that just don't do it for me. Enjoy yours. Very cool watch.