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  1. New Week Wrist Check w/c 2 October 2017

    Very nice! One of the better looking Breguets I’ve seen
  2. Blancpain FF Noob, Gen, ZF

    Great comparison article— thanks for the link! Love all the hi-res pics.
  3. Eyebleach Warning

    Where’s a solar eclipse to stare directly into when you need one?!!
  4. F..k um rolex sub

    ok ya i seen on TD , could we have some real pics plz ?? 6 years, 8 posts, tossing cans. lol
  5. Love IWC

    That’s the 3714 I was referring to; the movement on these is supposedly a significant improvement over standard 7750. A couple members here have posted about these movements, including a breakdown— additional jewels supposedly improve reliability, and the thickness is much closer to gen. Again, I’d opt for a stainless case though.
  6. Love IWC

    I think the best IWC for your particular want is the Portuguese 3714 chrono-- one of the new ZF maker versions with the jewel mod and thinner case. Personally, I'd stay away from gold-- go with the stainless case with a black or white dial-- it's a very versatile watch-- one of the few that can truly be both dressy and sporty, and the case size is much more modest than many IWC models. I love the Portuguese 7 day as well, but it's quite a bit thicker, and definitely a dressier watch than the classic chrono. Of course, a high quality strap is an absolute must upgrade for any of these-- the rep straps are pure shit. If the cost isn't prohibitive for you, a genuine IWC or Santoni strap brings these reps to an entirely different level.
  7. HaHa– thanks, I needed that laugh!
  8. Which gaudy Rolex?

    Agghhh! My eyes! :) When you’re ready to get SERIOUS about your bling, Vladdy will be waiting for you:
  9. Which gaudy Rolex?

    Truer than you think My old mate now in Chicago working in top tier finance explained it perfectly, It's not about watches in the slightest, it's just an amount of money on show, on your wrist. The basic vin ordinaire Rolexs are the bottom rung. Sneered at by the two toners, who in turn are looked down on by the all golds, etc etc. He's just gone AD fresh Patek so that he gets the drop on the lot of them. Abject wankerism if you ask me, but that's how the mop flops in the world of the suits It’s not just in investment banking and finance— this kind of wankerism is ubiquitous. It’s no different than the Lexus/Mercedes/Porsche/Bentley/Ferrari/etc., etc. hierarchy. It’s just another way that gents harboring insecurities about the size and functionality of their “equipment” can assert their “manhood” to the world. The guy who is 100% SURE of himself and the adequacy of his giblets wears a G-SHOCK, drives a Honda, and puts his money in the bank. ;)
  10. Purchasing from ZF (In Time) website

    In answer to your “side question”– it depends on a number of factors– the maker/model of the rep (some are in higher demand than others), the age and condition of the watch, whether it’s a “rare” or out of production replica, and whether or not it has any “modifications”, such as the addition of a genuine crystal or crown, or servicing of the movement. There’s only one “hard rule” here— you don’t sell something for more than you paid, and you cannot recoup previous shipping costs in your price. Once you have access to member to member sales, it will be clearer very quickly. Until then, avail yourself of the info in the “new member” threads: http://www.rwg.bz/board/index.php?showtopic=7456 http://www.rwg.bz/board/index.php?app=forums&module=extras&section=boardrules
  11. Which gaudy Rolex?

    The bling is just a way of saying, “My Rolex is more Rolex than your Rolex.” LOL
  12. Speedmaster model guidance

    No brainer: http://www.authenticwatches.com/omega-speedmaster-steel-bracelet-1998-849.html#.WV2lY4gpCf0
  13. Speedmaster model guidance

    +1 vote for the bracelet. You can buy and sell about a million different straps that’ll look great on this, but try sourcing a genuine Speedy bracelet. About $800 from an AD. If you can even get them to sell you one. Much better buy with the steel.
  14. Incoming RM

    I believe this thread is mistitled— I think it’s supposed to be, “Incoming BM”...
  15. Incoming RM

    I think it’s fucking awesome! Richard Mille is essentially saying, “Here ya go you stupid, elitist, rich pricks— I just released the ugliest fucking watch in human history, but because my marketing and hype are SO fucking good, you clueless fucks are going to FIGHT over the chance to give me $750,000 for one of these travesties. I could shit in a bag and sell it to you as caviar. I love my fucking job.”