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  1. take it you don't like apple lol
  2. I have to say I was on the fence with smart watches, I live my apple gear but managed to resist getting one on the launch as I didn't really see the use in one, I love my Swiss watches and it's something I appreciate and enjoy wearing every time I put one on. For some unknown reason I broke and bought an Apple Watch for me and my wife, I Have now owned one for the last 3 weeks and as much as I didn't see the point I really do like it. They still have a long way to go but for notifications, basic fitness tracking it's actually not bad. The Tag connected is also starting to grown on me, I think android wear is getting better at working with iOS. I know it's not a full Swiss watch, and as a smart watch it's not the best out there and lacks some features. But it's more of a watch than the rest, it looks like nice watch and more less of a gadget. The thought of wearing my Apple Watch and a Swiss watch has entered my mind, but for fear of looking even more of a bellend I have resisted lol, maybe the tag connected could be the right balance?? Before spending the money I have been looking at the Moto 360 as its only £99 to get in and try for a few days first. I'm not sure what to think of the trade in option, maybe if they could just upgrade the inner smart watch workings for a newer version it would be better. The one but I will say I'm not sure of is the logo, I know it's there logo but it looks cheap compared to the arrow ended version. Pretty good hands on review I found in YouTube today And I don't really know what to say about the lunch box it comes in either lol
  3. Is that the aqua terra from the latest film Daniel Craig is wearing as well? and what watch is ellen wearing it looks huge!
  4. Scam seller of the year award 2015 (possibly)

    Thought it looked like it had come from one of the TDs Sellers Other listings are worth a look as well!
  5. I may be wrong but this listing and the sellers other listings scream scam or hacked account to me, the listing fees must have cost a fair bit in the first place ! Seller from the US registerd in 2008 and item comes from Romania Something doesn't add up, I may be wrong mind http://www.ebay.co.uk/ulk/itm/262087081126
  6. Fake tag on ebay

    Have been doing the same as well, not sure if its possible to contact the winning bidder as the username is usually filtered
  7. My SO44 says hello! just got my gen last week as well as I didnt like the new style at all, but as Del mentions the final SO44 changed slightly, from what I understand the originals of this version started out more of a highly polished stainless steel, and on the final versions it was more of a Satin finish, if you take a look at the bracelets you will probably notice a slight difference in the model number, final versions used a 162a satin finish brushed steel and older version used possibly the 158 or 131, don't quote me on the last numbers tho. Either way its a lovely watch and im enjoying wearing mine at the moment, not sure if im going to get the 2 tone strap to go with it yet
  8. The New Superocean 44 Sucks (IMHO)

    Have to agree not a fan of the new superocean, feels a little busy on the dial and as if they have tried to combine the previous 2 versions. Managed to pick a superocean abyss with the blue script from an AD last week at a reasonable price before the gens disappear like the reps
  9. Fake tag on ebay

    It appears eBay are not that bothered or they think this a genuine watch. I hope he winning bidder doesn't lose out and will be able to claim there money back as it's still active.
  10. Fake tag on ebay

    Have also asked them for some more info on the watch and if they have a buy it now
  11. Fake tag on ebay

    How long do eBay take to pull a listing down or does it take multiple reports before they take notice?
  12. Fake tag on ebay

    Just spotted this one on eBay, to me it screams fake. Placed in a tag repair box, and movement as Quartz. Also I'm pretty sure these have the open display rear. I may be wrong but feel free to take a look and report as well http://www.ebay.co.uk/ulk/itm/262072492469 I have reported it to eBay as there are bids on it already, hopefully it will get pulled before people lose some serious money.
  13. Joshua also has these, have to say i am tempted but as you mention the colours look a little dull. Not sure if is the camera or the actual color, be nice to see some real life images when a member gets one
  14. New Watch Winder has arrived :)

    Thanks very much only problem I have now is to limit myself to 6 watches or get another winder
  15. New Watch Winder has arrived :)

    Thanks all, they really are lovely winders and nice and solid, and very very quiet. My pictures and videos really dont do it any justice at all