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  1. Thank you RWG

    Thanks Fellas! Yall always come up in the clutch.
  2. I'm choosing something that runs on solar power, preferably digital. I won't have time for my favorite hobby when I'm trying to survive. It doesn't mean I won't be collecting gens as long my travels.
  3. Watch Repair Question!

    Ouch bud. I'd scrape it for target practice.
  4. Hello fellas!

    Thanks gentlemen. I'm looking forward to it.
  5. Hello fellas!

    Hey folks! I just wanted to say hello here. I spend 90% of my time on RWI, but I've done a lot of reading here over the past year , and even bought a few pieces. I've seen a ton of good people on here as well! So I'll try to speak up a little more here as well! Thanks, Doc
  6. Box #2 Now Full As Well......{Pics not that heavy}

    Really Eclectic box. Very nice!
  7. 12 Months later...

    My eyes went straight for the 1950. Nice collection!
  8. From Rep to Gen and Back Again.

    It adds up quickly. I'm all about the spice of life, I hate having to sell my nice piece and move onto the next deal. My wrist gets a lot more freedom now.
  9. From Rep to Gen and Back Again.

    Thanks St. Richard. I'm sure it will turn into another daily check hobby!
  10. CrPO 45.5 Gen vs Rep... lots of pics!!

    Great photos! The only thing that bugs me so much about this is the rep on this model has the case back half fluted! The movement has some nice flute. I know you can't replicate the beauty of the 8500 to perfection but you can at least flute the back half of the movement. to meet up to standard. I want the new gmt model but it does that same thing with all the model I've seen, Half case back flute.
  11. From Rep to Gen and Back Again.

    So I find it strange earlier in my life I started off with my first rep Submariner. I would assume a typical pick for many of us starting on in this grand watch world. After that it was a dual tone gold/blue submariner which I was very happy with for quite some time over 12 years ago. I recall buying them from a man that came in to our shop all the time and these were lower end models, but who cared. I know squat about the quality. My thought was a couple years junkers. I waited 12 years to buy my first gen. An Omega 45.5 Planet Ocean. It was a jewel, but my jaw still dropped at the price tag. Thought I loved it I didn't feel complete. So I sold it and moved to a gen ceramic 41 Seamaster 300. Another fantastic, gorgeous piece. Still, I felt there was more to try. After selling that piece as well(making a profit on both) I waiting a couple months and moved to the classic. A gen speedmaster which I still own at the moment. I love it. It has over 50 years history and is just a conversation piece with it comes to the classic history. However, I still crave the look of some of the super clone reps I see. Such as a 15000 gauss, or a ceramic sub thats been modded to perfection. I'm mad because I have no problem with a rep, I want one now, Damn the Chinese New Year for getting in the way of my order. I say screw it. If you like whats on your wrist. Do it. These Reps are light years what I remember back in the day(especially with the price tag)
  12. watch trade section

    that was confusing me as well.