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  1. FedEx, UPS or DHL into Canada?

    Hilarious, that reminds me of a similar reference that came up in a conversation about high maintenance female pop stars. Mariah Carry. Madonna. B. Spears and Beyonce came up and my buddy referred to them as ''The four hoes of the Apocalypse!'', we all almost pissed ourselves laughing.
  2. FedEx, UPS or DHL into Canada?

    Lol I got something for $7 shipped via DHL and still had to pay for that $20 That is pretty funny. Obviously a low value default cash grab.
  3. FedEx, UPS or DHL into Canada?

    I've used both EMS and DHL into Manitoba. EMS tracking on 17track is sketchy at best. Once EMS shipment hits BC (takes a few days of wondering where you package is) and Canada post takes over their tracking is great. Last (2) orders came in through DHL. Had me worried as there are some posts on DHL shipments being confiscated mainly in the US. The DHL goes in through US hub before it gets to Canada, which had me worried. But it was here quick, within 2-3 days from China, that's fast. Their tracking is accurate and up to date. Only issue with DHL is I had to pay an extra $20 on customs each time which sucked but, they still got here WAY quicker than EMS ever has. Their texts are great as you can pay the customs on your phone and re-direct the shipment to their nearest facility if you know you won't be home. Been lucky so far with both.....
  4. PAM676, 42mm Panerai HW

    The V6 factory PAM676 is 13mm thick. From what I understand it is difficult to achieve gen thickness in some reps due mainly to the dimensions of the specific movements available or chosen for the reps. The 676 needs a HW similar in layout to the P1000. I'm guessing the 6497 was the best option. I had my eyes on a 42mm Radiomir as an option also but the securing mechanism for the crown on the 676 for me helps maintain the Panerai style I like even with the more formal look of the 676. To each their own though.
  5. No, it isn't a Nautilus......

    Yes indeed. A final touch on this rep would have been some Patek engravings on the venus movement similar to the gen. That would be the icing on the cake.
  6. No, it isn't a Nautilus......

    Thanks for the comments. I am totally stoked on this watch. Sooooo glad I chose it over the OM SM alternative I was originally contemplating. I imagine there will another PP at some point in the future once I recoup some funds. I ordered 4 reps in the last 2 months. Spouse suggested I go for electro-shock therapy. It didn't work..... That comment is hilarious! Cheers!! (woo hoo!)
  7. Well I did purchase my first Patek Phillipe rep. After reading DC's review from 2016, and chatting with him about this rep I was convinced and purchased a 5070r. Thanks DC for your input and awesome review of the 5070r! Also, just so anyone looking into that 5070 review, even though his links appear to killed by the cursed Photobucket fiasco you can still click on Pic icons and they will open. There are some great pictures of the gen variants. I am thrilled with this rep! The RG with the exquisite gray dial is an excellent addition to my collection and is a perfect accent to my current black, white , & blue dial reps. I really wanted a rep with a Venus HW movement and was originally looking at an OM alternative but was on the fence with that direction as I wasn't taken by the style. Another watch fanatic friend of mine suggested looking into the Patek complication alternatives as some came with the Venus HW movement. I'm glad I did. This watch to me is much more ..... unique in look, style and is simply an impressive looking watch and is indeed a classic representation of Patek style. I am not going to attempt a review of this rep as it has already been expertly done. Everyone already knows about the sub dial size/spacing differences between the gen and the rep but that doesn't bother me at all as this watch simply looks amazing and is a quality tribute toward the brand design. But I do definitely want to share some pics of my recent addition. Hope you enjoy! Cheers!!
  8. PAM676, 42mm Panerai HW

    I've been looking for another 42mm Panerai to go with my recently purchased PAM684 RG 42mm. I am limited to 42mm due to my wrist size which really limits the options when it comes to Panerai. I went for a PAM676 from the V6 factory. This rep comes with the A6497 HW movement which I haven't had before either. This HW is one of (2) on my most recent order. I also purchased a Patek with a Venus HW which I will be posting pics shortly. This HW option is a nice alternative to my other reps which are all automatics. So far I'm very happy with this rep. Its a good size, has a smaller feel to it for a 42mm due to its thinness and leaner dial. It's a thinner, dressier alternative PAM compared to the PAM684. Good weight to it and a decent strap that isn't too stiff like most rep leather straps. So far it is working fine. On a full wind I ended up with 36 hours reserve. Not as high as some 6497 owners have claimed but I can live with that. In comparison to the gen (by photo only) it appears to be a very good rep for my liking. The display back reveals the A6497 movement dressed to appear similar to the P1000. Very nice. Yes there are some font size and engraving differences but no spelling mistakes and I think everything is basically where it should be. Some of my photos the dial sticks & numbers come off a little white but the actual watch in my hands they have a very nice off white/ivory cream color very similar to the gen (photos). These are all done with my S5. Some day I'll get an actual camera but I 'd rather get another rep first, second, third etc. I really like the way the 2 reps I ordered from the V6 factory arrive. They have protective film on both the face and back glass and most impressive is the plastic protective case protector that encases the entire outer edges of the watch body from damage. I don't really do molecular level reviews as there are other members that excel in that but I do like sharing some pics of the reps I purchase. This Pam is another great addition to my growing collection and hopefully will help sway some smaller wrist fellow watch fanatics that there are a few Panerai options out there for us. Enjoy.... The open case back. The Gen: The Rep. Here it is with its big brother. Cheers!
  9. About the angles used in QC photos

    I had an AP order in process with QC pics at an angle and wrong colored strap. Asked the TD for the correct strap and new QC pics. Got the 2nd set of QC pics and noticed the AP logo was not aligned straight to the rest of the watch dial. It was actually quite crooked. Asked for that to be corrected and dead on front view QC pics to confirm. 3rd set of QC pics were perfect. Always look at the QC pics CAREFULLY. If in doubt, ask for a different angle.
  10. PAM676 with A6497 question

    Sounds like plan to me. It's working. Leave it be. Ran 35+ hours on a full wind. Not as good reserve as some people claim for a 6497 but livable. The watch looks great. I'll be posting some pictures this weekend in the Panerai review section. Cheers!
  11. PAM676 with A6497 question

    There must be tons of other 6497 PAM rep owners out there that can comment on if any of their crowns exhibit this 'behavior.' I asked the TD if this was normal or is there a problem with the crown. He replied, If you can wind the watch and also adjust the time , there is nothing wrong. He also commented the Unitas 6497 hand wind never had a date function before. Not exactly the answer I was looking for but...... it is working. I just like to know the reason behind technical anomalies. That's the world I work in. If it is a crown retention screw issue does that mean it is possibly out of adjustment or ? So far, at 25 hours reserve, still running like a top.
  12. PAM676 with A6497 question

    The watch seems to be working fine. Winds okay. Currently checking on how much reserve I get out of a full wind. That 2nd position, the crown turns free in either direction with no resistance at all. .... if that helps.
  13. Hi, a quick question regarding my 6497 equipped PAM 676. This the first 6497 HW rep I have owned. My other reps are all automatics. I just purchased this V6F PAM676. Looks great. I searched the forum for anyone else asking this question and found lots of discussions on the 6497 movement but not an answer for my question. Just wondering why the crown has (2) pullout positions when there is no date to adjust on this watch? The inner most 'crown in' position is the wind position. The crown then pulls out to the 1st position which appears to not do anything. The crown turns with no effort. Then the final 2nd position adjusts the time as expected. Is this normal for this movement? Thanks.
  14. Contemplating my first Patek purchase

    I found DC's 2016 review of the 5070. Too bad the photobucket crap has eliminated the pictures. I would really have enjoyed going through them now. Excellant review. The history of the watch was very informative. I'm definitely buying one soon. Even with the sub dial discrepancies it is simply a classic PP that I have to have.
  15. Contemplating my first Patek purchase

    Hello........ hello.......... There must be some PP fanatics that have one of these 5070P reps out there. Just put down your Nautilus's for a couple of minutes (lol) and drop me some comments. I know it's an older style of PP options and are probably not as popular as of late but I really like some of these classics.