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  1. who makes the best AP REP

    JF ap's look official. i just ordered the chronopassion V5 to do a fraken (the v5 is not from JF but does look nice), going to post the process here!
  2. who makes the best AP REP

    dude that like finding Morpheus
  3. KW 382 Bronzo- A Pic Perfect One

    that looks official, very hard to tell thats a fake when it has all the character to it
  4. hey watsup man.... your my biggest fan!!!!
  5. can anyone take some pics of the watch in the title above, im considering ordering it
  6. KW 382 Bronzo- A Pic Perfect One

    yeah im about to order the 382 V3 from KW
  7. KW 382 Bronzo- A Pic Perfect One

    color looks off on your bronzo, however bronze changes color with age... how long did you have your watch for because the image below is a watch 3 years old. above is a real bronzo

    dlc is usually black however it matters to which guy you go to because they have different tones. some people use a light color for dlc some use darker color.
  9. getting 7750 started

    Yeah, that's the perfect way to mess up the ratchet drive wheel on 7750 (both Swiss and Asian ones) which is made of butter... The problem is not in the barrel spring itself. It's in the gears that transfer the motion to the barrel spring arbor. Look what frequently happens when you insist to wind the 7750 (on the right): ok boss, i guess you should re-write the valjoux 7750 manual, your not suppose to wind a watch that is working thats a given.... you wind it once it stops.
  10. who makes the best AP REP

    yeah i would love to make a comparison but the a'p i want we dont have at our store. i do have a lebron james if anyone wants to compare
  11. Rose Gold Rubber Clad by J12 released..

    I'm really curious if any were sold at all. 6k is alot, its only like 2k in gold there.
  12. getting 7750 started

    to get an automatic movement running, you need to wind it 30 times, once its been wind the barrels kick in and they start storing power, you cant over-wind it because it has a clutch that kicks in once you start winding it to much. shaking the watch does nothing but make it run. the barrels are asleep and wont store power. you must wind it no exceptions.
  13. Rose Gold Rubber Clad by J12 released..

    i would love a RG ap but i dunno the color looks off on pics. could just be pics i dunno
  14. Rose Gold Rubber Clad by J12 released..

    Yeah that movement is shit, you can buy the 7750 v for 230 on eBay and have your watchmaker install it.