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  1. outside of the .0000001% of watch enthusiasts, most people will never know the difference. so as long as it spells out Rolex and doesn't have any obvious flaws like a crooked date window you'll be fine and even for watch enthusiasts, they have to be crazy obsessed with watches to tell the difference in person...it's easy to notice the difference when you have 2 images opened next to each other so you can cross check...but in the real world even the cheapest canal street rep will still fool even the biggest watch nerds.
  2. so who is the dealer on aliexpress?
  3. Rubber B strap on Linamarket

    it's cheap, but it's a rep bracelet, and that particular seller tends to focus on lower end straps. So something tells me the quality of the rubber might be like the garbage that comes with the cheap canal street reps. if anyone does end up getting it, please post a review. If the quality is good, it'll be good to know about this alternative
  4. Options to buying my first luxury gen

    if you are going gen and this is your first watch, you gotta buy a Rolex. Otherwise, stick to buying something used, there are a TON of deals out there. And pretty much any watch outside of Rolex can be had for 1/3 of what they originally sold for.
  5. bored of buying watches

    I'm kinda getting there too, I just don't go out enough to warrant having all of them.
  6. Ummmmmmmmmm............. NO There are approximately 187,343 21J movements in watches bought by members here in the past week. At last count 99.452% of them were running great. (stay with me here, I am making a point). It is one of the most common movements used in reps. Many of us have 21Js of one sort or another (there are many variations) running in reps for years. oh they are bulletproof...just very loud especially if the watch has open caseback
  7. The $100 watch that stole my Heart...UH?

    I find with vintage watches, I'd buy them...wear it once...then never wear again, then I sell it after 6 months only to buy another one and repeat the process.
  8. 21J is crap, I had one and you can hear that thing even when your hand is on top of a desk
  9. Will You Play the "Help Me Decide" Game?

    Well there is a Noob AP sale right now. Why not get one of those?
  10. to be honest I don't really get Pateks, I mean sure they have the attention to detail, but they don't really look special enough for the price range they are in. By comparison APs that also sell in that range are much more obvious about being a super expensive watch. And I'm not really biased, since I do own a v3 SW200 Nautilius(just because everyone needs a Patek in their collection and that one is one of the super-reps for that brand) and sure it's nice, but it just doesn't give me the tingles like APs do.
  11. odd I expected elephant to be a lot more exotic looking(does it feel different at least?)
  12. It's finished!!! Pic heavy!!

    to be fair the "before" shot is out of focus which cheapens it a lot more than it would if it were in focus
  13. Which strap?

    I like contrast in my straps, so I'd go with brown
  14. I'd say that's bullshit. For one, noob is considered to be one of the better factories around. I'd say most likely there is a new version coming, and they are just clearing out the old stock
  15. 12 Months later...

    looks like you are missing a patek nautilius