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  1. Excellent post, thank you. Now if I only had the courage to try this.
  2. Conspiracy theory - what's happened to RWI

    In collusion with the Easter Bunny... My money's on Brexit or Trump .
  3. Saying No to "Swiss Made"

    I wonder how they determine the percentage, parts count, weight, production cost?
  4. Redirects on RWI

    Thanks G, that about says it all folks, we pissed off someone big time. Trying to clean up the mess is pointless, it broken so we will be beginning to migrate to a new platform within a couple of days. If things get any worse I need to consider taking the whole lot down until we are back clean and usable. It's the time of year for family and holiday. I hope whoever is working on the repair of RWI makes sure they don't neglect their love ones just to get us back online. We can wait a few days or more. We have this place to hangout, so all is good. Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New year, Phil G
  5. Redirects on RWI

    Been getting it too, redirect. One page I was directed to had a photo of four semi-naked girls I was tempted to open the page, but thought better of it. On new Galaxy S7 too, wants me to go to Google play store and remove virus using 'easy-mine-software' link. Not sure if this is related.
  6. Genuine Wrist Check - October 2016

    Good call Del, great value for money. A great design based on the first American watch on the moon.
  7. Welcome RWI Refugees

    Darn it; them pesky Norseman have been invading England since the 8th century. Now the b'stards take our coffee
  8. Welcome RWI Refugees

    Just popped in to have a a browse while RWI is down. Now..............where's the coffee machine?
  9. = Looks like he got lucky, might have to get her bawls out. =
  10. Just so good to meet up with you all, sorry I could not hang around, other commitments. My first meeting with the legend that is The Noob Messiah.
  11. Can I add my name to the list?
  12. The "What AP are you wearing today" Thread

    Comes out whenever there's a full moon.
  13. RWI Down - SYN Attack

    They aren't going to gain any information - it's not a 'hack' as such, just a brute force flood. All this will do is take the site down while the attack continues. We Shall Fight on the Beaches...................................