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  1. Has anyone ordered one of these recently? I see the price has dropped dramatically but they haven't fixed the flaws. http://www.tb-688.com/index.php?route=product/product&keyword=15202&product_id=1770
  2. 39 MM or other vintage Royal Oak Rep?

    How about the AP RO 15202??
  3. I personally hope they make variants with the leather bands. Love the retro omega logo on the buckle with that butterscotch band.
  4. Are there any updates on reps for these? Need that seamaster!
  5. 39 MM or other vintage Royal Oak Rep?

    You have the 15400 and you're going to purchase the 15450?? why? what color? At first i wanted a classic blue face but I'm looking at the silver dial! stunning.
  6. 39 MM or other vintage Royal Oak Rep?

    Thank you for all the responses...Now that I see a 37mm isn't tiny (seems to be marketed as a female watch) I'm conflicted between getting a JF quality (which seems to be the best) 37mm or a 39mm which seems to be the best gen modern AP. They seem to be the same price....
  7. 39 MM or other vintage Royal Oak Rep?

    Thanks for the response! This is what I see on Toro Bravo's website. Is this what you had? http://www.tb-688.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=18_226&product_id=700 Fat Panda offered me this for much cheaper. Around 150.00. Im wondering if its much worse.. https://imageshack.com/a/s9xl/1
  8. Hello! the 42mm royal oak jumbo ins stainless on a bracelet seems to be a little too large for me. When I ask the TD's for a 39mm or even a 36mm vintage version of the AP they tell me the reps are so bad and not even worth purchasing. Is there a vintage or 39mm Royal oak of premium quality? have any of you purchased the new 37mm? is it feminine? thank you!
  9. Daily Dose of Cringe

    my buddy has a 65mm Diesel. It looks like a clock on his wrist but girls seem to like it and give him compliments on the solid bright gold huge thing all the time if you ask me, it looks like the big watch trend is dying.
  10. Leather strap for sw200 Nautilus

    Hey Russ! good to hear from you. Thanks for letting me know that the rose gold SW200 with grey face is the closer to gen!! The link doesn't work for me because I'm not a member of that forum? ill have to sign up. I have an AP 15400 stainless on a metal band on the way and I think id like to put that on an alligator band as well.
  11. Leather strap for sw200 Nautilus

    hmmm...found a gen alligator patek nautilus band for 300 OBO. I would still need to have the metal on the gen end links somehow. I can do this myself? I will message DC! thanks, friends.
  12. Leather strap for sw200 Nautilus

    Thank you! I AP Bands already told me they would not be able to fit their bands on a replica. I will try MDK. You think they make bands that fit the replica or do i send it somewhere to get the metal inserts fitted?
  13. Hello, purchasing my first RG Nautilus from Fat Panda (am being told that the SW200 with grey face is most gen like) I hear rep leather straps are awful. Does anyone know where I can find nice affordable bands that will fit this watch? how do I get it fitted? I was told to search the M2M straps section but theres nothing there. thank you!
  14. Oh shit! This watch is nuts!

    hahaha thanks for the heads up. Im going to grab one for my brother.
  15. Ah, i want to see this past so bad. Why are the images no longer available :-(