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  1. Pan Am GMT

    Great work ,Sir! Lovely piece! Note to self.....I must get a vintage GMT for my collection!!!!!
  2. Seiko SARB035 just in...

    Congrats Del......Great watch buddy!........and an awesome price too boot!!! Enjoy!
  3. NGWD (New Gen Watch Day!)

    Congrats Dave on a very nice pick up! Enjoy!
  4. The new ARF A4130 Yellow Gold Basel Daytona

    I’m not normally into Daytona ‘s but this looks great! Yet again more temptation!
  5. 2yr/4000 post Giveaway VIP Only

    4000 quality posts...i think not!! Lol! Well done buddy and a very noble gesture! Drop my name in the hat!!
  6. Some new leathers in stock

    All look fantastic....but for me the stingray is the 'dogs'!!!!!
  7. Indeed he will!!!! Lol!
  8. Hi Chaps Feeling a bit bored this morning I thought I'd go though my strap box and have a sort out.... came across a 22mm mesh bracelet I'd forgotten about! What to fit this too I think? ......Ofcourse, a 21mm lug!!!!!!....now, where's that file!!!!! Here's the result.......
  9. Fair comment Del....I was bored ! Lol!
  10. Cheers Monty.....just adds a different flavour!
  11. New week wristcheck 21/08/17

    Thanks Dave! I was looking for a summer watch and wanted a Sub alternative, the TAG fitted the bill!......really does "pop off the wrist"!
  12. New week wristcheck 21/08/17

  13. VIP Giveaway - AP 15202

    Good to have the old place back up and running! I'm in!
  14. Post your IWC watches here!

  15. Hello Chaps Something I'd like to share with you all! I was in discussion with the 'wife' and the topic of "why do I buy/sell so many watches" popped up! Of course, I defended my corner with the retort....." it's like your shoes/ handbags " ...we all know this scenario! Lol! Anyway, this got me thinking!....maybe she might have a point? I've always, for as long as I remember, had a liking of watches...I can even remember my first ever watch......an apparently in distructable "Timex" given to me on my 8th birthday....i thought it was the 'dogs bollocks' !! Lol! I've had the usual Seiko's, Citzen's and the odd Tag here and there but nothing 'high end'....then "shock and horror" I discovered Rep's!.....a trip to Thailand about 10 or so years ago. I picked up a Sub and GMT Rolex, at the time they were great but knowing what I know now...they were desperately "BAD"!....still got the GMT and still runs! One thing lead to another and 18 months ago I found this wonderful place......and ofcourse TD's and M2M....I was like a 'kid in a candy store' I was off!!....way too many temptations! Order this, buying that like a man possessed and in about 5 months I'd accumulated 40 watches just as I liked the look of them and no consideration to how they wear/ suit me........it was getting out of control! And expensive too! So, I had a cull...which took my collection down to about 20.....but these soon got replaced with others and on it went! I made a deal with myself....if I buy a new one I'd sell one off.....one in one out rule! Like that was gonna last! Now, 18 months on my collection is down to 5 reps...yes only 5! My " Grails"! I now find myself in a "strange" place!....I spot a watch, buy it cos I like the look of it... find out it's not for me!....then it's put up for sale!....the "churn" In the time I've been here I've sold approx 80-90 watches....i find that a little scary! I even contacted Greg the boss to see if he could check his records to confirm....but no. I'm sure I'm not the only one suffering this 'syndrome' ? I love this hobby / addiction! 😀
  16. "Serial" watch seller syndrome!

    As requested....my current '5' until I get bored! The motley crew!!
  17. "Serial" watch seller syndrome!

    Spike...nailed right on the head buddy! Lol!
  18. "Serial" watch seller syndrome!

    And we all end up @ RWG! Lol!
  19. "Serial" watch seller syndrome!

    Ouch mate!...I feel you pain! Mine was a little more compassionate......she let me have my clothes!! Lol!
  20. "Serial" watch seller syndrome!

    RussP.....my first one stole my house!.....Lol! So, given the choice....I don't mind stumping up for a 3k Omega if it keeps 'things' sweet! Lol!
  21. "Serial" watch seller syndrome!

    Greg...how often does that come up o M2M? Lol!
  22. "Serial" watch seller syndrome!

    My missus just doesn't get this 'rep' game.......say's she who swans around with a 3k Omega on her wrist! Forced to buy her last xmas! Costs me 'dear' this game! Lol!
  23. "Serial" watch seller syndrome!

    Update....I've also sold a least 20 "Gens" on eBay......crazy hobby! How deep does this " rabbit hole " go? Anyway, I'm just off to place another order!
  24. What watch to wear to a wedding?

    Agreed!...IWC for me but a Patek very close behind!
  25. Pointer on Omega strap

    I just received mine from Mary $72 delivered! I'm sure other TD's can also get their hands on them too!