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  1. Travel & protecting watches

    I have 4 gen Breitling Etuis I'm taking with me. But I'm also thinking about to make a watchroll myself.
  2. The "What AP are you wearing today" Thread

    AP Grand Prix
  3. Post your Formula 1 watches. UK GP tomorrow

    AP Grand Prix ;)
  4. New Week Wrist Check - 3rd July 2017

  5. It's nearly that time of year... looking for a summer watch!

    I love your Breitling (Steelfish?) with the Nylon Strap Stunning combo!
  6. Ceramica bracelet on Carbotech pam661

    I don't know it to 100% BUT the Carbotech has a diameter of 48mm = 26mm lug width (I know because it's always like this and I also have the pam661) And the Ceramica Pam has a case diameter of 44mm wich probably would mean 24mm lug width. Answer is no, it wouldn't fit.
  7. Recommendations for a skinny (<6inch) wrist?

    From the brands you named AP seems just perfect. I think that the models till 42mm case diameter would suit you best, but I would give the 44mm also a try someday.
  8. PAM 372 or PAM 390?

    My personal preference would be the PAM 372, but take a read in Ale's Guide (link from the post above) it's like the Panerai bible.
  9. Story around a watch...

    Thanks for sharing. Enjoyed to read it.
  10. New member

    Hey mate, greetings from germany
  11. ..........this 100% Confirmed! I've never had any deeper conversation with friends or strangers about my watches than this. The other side of the coin is, IMO it is rude to ask this question to a stranger and you're under no obligation to tell the truth. I've only pbeen asked once, by a coworker, and my response was "what do you think?" and I held it closer for her inspection. If someone asked me out, I would react the same. Never been asked so far from others. It's just the family I tell the truth ... keeps the notorious "money borrowers" away
  12. Panerai 505 Black Seal

    Yes ... no habla espanol Try again.
  13. ..........this 100% Confirmed! I've never had any deeper conversation with friends or strangers about my watches than this.
  14. PAM 113 from Trusty

    Hey Vintage, wie geht es dir? Hast du dich schon an ein neues "vintagize" Projekt gewagt? Grüße
  15. PAM 113 from Trusty

    Wow! Sieht klasse aus. Ich mochte die Uhr eigentlich nie, aber so getragen finde ich sie umwerfend. Great choice! :thumbsup: