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  1. Watch Gang Platinum

    I read through the post. It is blatant shilling Mr. Sledge. I don't believe you! I can't control what you choose to believe or do not. I responded to the thread as I felt I could contribute some relevant information since I am a subscriber of their service. I posted the watches I personally received for all RWG members to see... Like it or not...It is what it is...
  2. Watch Gang Platinum

    I have traded away the Citizen (which to me was the worst watch @ $99)... The ML watch can be found for about $2999 which at $1000 is a steal... But I am generally happy with their service. 2 out of the 3 platinum watches I am happy with. The Centum is spot on... Although the price on the Glycine is in their range I am just not a fan of the Glycine either... Or leather bands in general for that matter... Side Note... * referral link removed*
  3. Watch Gang Platinum

    I wasn't the one that started the thread Gonzo. Nor am I an owner or employee of watch gang... I am merely a subscriber to their service. Read through the thread and you should be able to conclude that...
  4. Watch Gang Platinum

    Gonzo... Put the crack pipe down... Did you look at the value of any of the watches I posted? Someone asked me to post them so I did... The price tags on these watches speak for themselves... It's not my club I am apart of it and have liked most of the watches they have sent me... There are a few standout pieces to me.. 1. The Deep Blue 2. The NTH 3. The Tschuy-Vogt 4. The Maurice Lacroix.... Go look up the prices of these items, read about the movements and thirdly get your head out of your ass...
  5. Watch Gang Platinum

    Here are the 4 Watchgang Black Watches that I have received: Citizen Eco-Drive Tschuy-Vogt Air Blue - Bravo Chrono (I added the metal band) Civil Egard Now... Here are the 3 WatchGang Platinum Watches: Deep Blue - DepthStar 3000 NTH - Azores Glycine - Swiss Auto Now for the Centum.... Maurice Lacroix And there you have it...
  6. Watch Gang Platinum

    Sounds like someone is on the haterade....
  7. Watch Gang Platinum

    Okay so here is the deal... You can cancel at anytime. 1. Watch Gang Original: For $30 a month you will get a watch worth $50 - $150. You keep the watch and if you subscribe for a year you get a discount on the price. 2. Watch Gang Black: For $99 a month you will get a watch worth $150 - $500. Again you get to keep the watch and you can save if you buy up for a year +. 3. Watch Gang Platinum: For $300 a month you will get a watch worth $500 - $1500 And you guessed it you get to keep the watch and you can save if you buy up for a year. 4. Now recently they offered a limited Centum to only 100 members which was $1000 and they Watch was to be worth $1500 - $5000. This is not monthly and you can only buy in when someone vacates their spot. All 3 subscriptions allow you to have a single entry into their weekly drawing. Tag Tuesday & Rolex Friday (where they give away a Tag on Tuesday and Rolex Friday where thy give away a Rolex It doesn't matter what subscription or if you have multiple subscriptions you only get 1 entry into the drawing. I was enrolled in Black but when offered I decided to move to Platinum as well as take advantage of the Centum offering.
  8. Watch Gang Platinum

    Now this makes me sceptical because although I'm not knocking the brand they are all pretty cheap watches and usually can be had on special for 150 or under despite their normal sale price when released The AirBlue was part of heir $99 subscription. Platinum has only been available for 2 months. I will post up a few pics today to show you what came in and what the cost was.
  9. Watch Gang Platinum

    They have an "exchange" as well that they have on Facebook so if you don't like the watch you can select to trade it or sell it to other members. You also can select preferences so they try to get a watch that you will like. It's been a mostly positive experience for me.
  10. Watch Gang Platinum

    Balmer not balmerto....
  11. Watch Gang Platinum

    This was a deal they offered only to 100 people.. $1000 buy in and they guarantee the watch to be between $1500 and $5k. The ML watch I scored can be found for $2999 at the cheapest... So I scored on their Centum. I don't believe the Centum is monthly but I will try it again. Platinum is rather new this months for me was a Glycine was an open heart gold with brown leather band. Nice watch just not my thing. My other Platinum watch was a NTH watch which was exceptional. I have also scored an Air Blue, Citizen, Balmerto name a few. Quite a bit of microbrands but overall the service is pretty cool to see what you are going to get...
  12. Watch Gang Platinum

    I subscribe to their service. Their platinum offering this past month I would rate as average. I did score a Maurice Lacroix on their Centum ($1000) subscription but my ($300) platinum subscription watch was meh although I do see the Glycine watch for sale at 499 at the cheapest... All in all I have received 7 watches from them and been very happy with 5 of them.
  13. Longines Master Chronograph Moonphase ss

    I have the gen version of the Master Chrono Moon Phase but on a stainless bracelet and in the manual it also states not to change the date between 9PM and 3AM. It is impressive how close the rep is.
  14. My Vintage Rolex 1680 modded. PICS.

    Love the 1680 wear it well. I have been searching for a gen 1680 from 1973 for a few weeks now. The search continues!
  15. Ordered a TC V6 Sub 16610 today!

    I have a TC LV and TC Sub on the way. Both with the amazing KH dial. Ill do a review when I get them. Look forward to seeing them! When did you place your order if you don't mind me asking.