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  1. My virgin post - introduction

    As well as the answer to.....''Where is Toro?'' :lol: Welcome
  2. A surgeon with an incredible gen collection? He is Dr.Strange
  3. Contemplating it mate And buy him a NUKE while there.
  4. What do you have incoming?

    In laws...... ......
  5. Watches of the powerful

    Pffff ....I don't ware a watch....
  6. GAZZLA welfare check!

  7. Mate I'd love to but of course* being on the other side of the world its not going to happen. Paul, do you have a photo of Neil we could use on the section named after him? *and who the hell is going to correct me now when I use cause/course arse about in the above context? Oooh, I will!!! How the hell is a colonial going to correct an Aussie. You can't even spell "colour" properly. Jeez. So, Aussies aren't colonials? Kope, we're defo not arseholes The jury is still out on the one Well then that jury are a bunch of sissy twat burglars .......................................
  8. Can admin/mod pm me please

    This is the one......
  9. Can admin/mod pm me please

    Cant answer you......I haven't PMed a mod and my msgs will all be deleted....
  10. Pam 111 noob v4 question

    OK we will see the QC pìcs Regarding PAM 580 iit is impossible to make good reps of this watch at this moment Good luck ALE Hi ALE Was trying to reach your catalogue reference with no luck on the past links.Anything that works now?
  11. Review long Overdue

    None....This was on sale from Kuvarsit close to 190 usd if my memory serves me well. Its not on the high end since this was a buy to see how the transaction will flow mainly.Has transparent caseback but quality its great
  12. Review long Overdue

    Hi All This review should be here from past May but family matters kept me most occupied.(Missed the London GTG as well.....:-( so now its time to pass my experience from a first buy after I joined the forum and Kuvarsit in particular. I will not go into transaction details since the communication with Amanda was silk and swift. A couple of mails back and forth for the details ,payment by WU and QP arrived a couple of days after. Opted for the registered package receive and to my surprise the package arrived close to 12 days from China which is a new record for me. As someone who has done purchases mainly from Ali and low lvl reps I have learned the waiting game quite well and followed the cardinal rule. And the most important rule that any first buyer has to follow is very simple. Patience patience and patience....And if the watch arrives fucked up then more patience and involve a mod prior to all. Nothing better to know where to find TRUSTED dealers. This is a beautiful hobby and the forum people are great .Looking forward to great experiences whether it involves watches goats hamsters and other stuff With no further ado.......
  13. Questions questions questions!

    made my day Thanx :thumbsup:
  14. Questions questions questions!

    Yes People.....Now