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  1. Tudor Help

    Thanks for the reply! So you would say this is the version closest to gen? http://www.tb-688.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=107&product_id=2600 What are the visible flaws on it ( compared to gen) - that can be seen without extremely detailed inspection?
  2. Tudor Help

    Thanks guys - is the 22j simply a worse movement? Aesthetically will The watches be the same?
  3. Tudor Help

    Hi all, Please could someone kindly help distinguish and outline differences between these tudor models? http://www.tb-688.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=107&product_id=1268 http://www.tb-688.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=107&product_id=2600 http://www.tb-688.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=107&product_id=981
  4. PAM Strap Size?

    Dear All, I'm looking at aftermarket straps for a PAM 111 I want to buy. Can someone tell me dimensions of the required size (24/24 vs 24/22)? Also, if someone know a rough length that would be awesome (I have 8 inch wrists).
  5. Panerai Straps

    Stunning straps!
  6. Ladies Super Reps

  7. Ladies Super Reps

    Thanks, any others?
  8. Ladies Super Reps

    Hi everyone, There is a general consensus on the forum on some of the best reps out there - PAM's, AP Diver V7/8 and a few others. By best I mean closeness to gen (of course none are perfect...) I wanted to get my GF addicted to this world and wanted to gift her a super rep but am not sure what exact reps are considered to be the best (Ladies and v. small wrist). Please could anyone with experience pitch in. Brand is not necessarily relevant.
  9. Hello from your noobest noob

    I was in your shoes not too long ago. Excellent forum! If the guys helped you, you should consider a vip membership which lets you buy watches from other members. They don't cost much either (the memberships)
  10. First Gen Rolex Purchase

    Concerning the going to the AD and paying full price option is not exactly correct - unless that particular model is very rare such as the steel daytona. You can easily go to an authorised dealer and get anywhere between 10-20% off. This depends mainly on the dealer, some don't do discounts; others go up to 20%. Also browse in online shops to find a price which you should try and get close to from a dealer. For reference a friend got a €15k daytona for 13.5k. A different friend bought a ciellini for 20% off
  11. Nautilus 5711 R 001 review

    Rep straps are almost always poor, if you buy a $800 tourbillon the strap will probably still suck. Most get a custom one made from the forum.
  12. Best AP Diver

    Yes typo; however, question about v7 vs ceramic still remains. Whether they're the same standard
  13. Best AP Diver

    You get paid 4 times a year? do you want a job Just left uni Thank you for all the feedback. So the V7 JF is the way to go. Last question - the ceramic JF listed in my original link. Is that a V7? It does not have a model number
  14. Best AP Diver

    A V7 then. Do others back this?
  15. Best AP Diver

    Does the V8 not always come with an open case back (which lets it down)? And the ceramic, is that worse than the v7 or is it a v7 just in ceramic? I just noticed that the v8 is in fact not open back. But simply had it unscrewed on tb website. Is the only difference between v7 & v8 the decorated movement or are there other external features that are better?