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  1. Best AP Diver

    I think you're looking for the JF v7 instead?
  2. Best AP Diver

    v7 v8 are both good. Movement wise is a personal preference, I personally don't mind 9015 and might have a small preference for it. I'd say go ahead with the v7 You won't be disappointed.
  3. Show Us Your Watch Boxes

    I would suggest this box I got from etsy! https://www.etsy.com...tion/1268425604 To me the price is good for what I get and it's not as boring. Custom fabric available, really soft pillows (which matters a lot to me cause that affects how well the watch sits in the box). The only other box I like is rainers' offering but they're really expensive.
  4. Piaget Emperado Tourbillon (faux)

    MOP dial? :o
  5. Replacement strap

    Trying email the custom strapmakers we have here, or even elsewhere. White is less popular but I'm pretty sure at least one of them will have it.

    Wow this looks so good!
  7. On a scale 1-10 how would you rate this?

    Let me help you with that :) Under the full editor for the post, find the image button and key in the URL there
  8. What do you have incoming?

    Reverso just in from M2M! Any idea which custom strapmaker makes decent casa fagliano straps? Don't want to break the bank getting a strap in this style, but a decent quality one is appreciated.
  9. Your Perfect 3 Watch Collection

    Too hard to pick just 3! But I'll chime in.. when cost is of no concern Casual Sport Dress
  10. Tourbillon watches???

    Welcome to rwg. Think you're on the right track with your reasons. They are expensive and very few watchsmith to fix it if it goes wrong. Not too sure about reliability tho. Heard they are reliable, but not so sure if the movement is more sensitive to damage.
  11. Fallen screw thread..

    Sounds right. Alright, I'll look at it!
  12. Fallen screw thread..

    bump, no suggestion? =\
  13. Fallen screw thread..

    I was checking what was happening because one of the screws on my SF is loose. Here's what happened.. one of it broke from the case Anyone has suggestions on how to fix this? Would any glue work?
  14. Fifty Fathoms

    Well as mentioned, torx works. As of now I have 1 set taken out (took a hell lot of time to get the torx to stay in place, probably have bad torx screwdrivers) and the other is still the original ones, sigh. Maybe I should try filing some hex wrench as GenTLe suggested.
  15. Glorious dilemma - help

    Fifty fathoms is very nice and I still like it a lot. Accuracy wise, it's hard to get one with all its indices aligned to perfection. JLC should have an edge in this aspect. Strap change for FF is a PITA. Until today I still haven't managed to get the lug bars out and when you change it to a springbar, it won't look as "nice" as the drilled lugs will look very big. Overall I like the FF design way more than the JLC, but I'd probably recommend the JLC for now and then eventually you'll get the FF :D