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  1. First Speedmaster Need Help!

    I had one of the FOIS Reps with a hand-wind movement & I'd highly recommend it. Yes the bottom sub-dial is low but other than that it is extremely close..............
  2. Glashutte Senator Sixties - belated review

    Without a doubt one of the classier dress watches that exist currently. I love the throwback styling & it would appear that they have done a superb job on the replication..... Good to see a review on one of the rarer birds in the rep world................
  3. Breguet Tradition 7057

    Nice to see that a piece has brought the enthusiasm to purchase back Greg, it looks great & it is certainly good to see one of these in the wild........... It will look even nicer when accompanied by a quality new strap, enjoy it Sir.................
  4. Hi All, I wanted to document a couple of new to me Micro Brands, apologies if these have been mentioned before but they have really taken my interest.... Firstly - Undone Watches....... I'm a sucker for both vintage & two register chronos so this style ticks a lot of boxes MechaQuartz movements.............. Pretty good for around $300 (mid level rep money)...I love the packaging too, nicely done..... The second brand is - Baltic Assembled in France, powered by the Seagull ST19 movement...... These pieces really look beautiful but carry a steeper €649 price point....love this blue faced variant............
  5. Just came across this on IG today & wanted to share it.......doesn't the 3714 look beautiful in this configuration.............. https://www.bucherer.com/uk/iwc-portugieser-automatic-alligator-silver-dial-mens-watch-iw371488.html
  6. That is an oustanding example Russ, really beautiful. Great wristie too captures it perfectly................. Looks very handsome on the bracelet Rich, nice idea...............
  7. Genuine Wrist Check - November 2017

    I was looking at these yesterday Del, extremely nice in TT (I like the leather strap on it more than the rivet). I also love the all stainless (including bezel) BB too & the chrono... Pretty hard pushed to pick an absolute favourite right now...........
  8. Harrods Black Bay Limited Edition

    I quite like the colour scheme of this, I think it would look great on a tan leather vintage strap (perhaps Bulang & Sons or JPM).........................
  9. Breitling Navitimer Aquisition

    Thanks for the tip-off bud. I guess it is 30 years old & seems to have been regularly worn so the plating is worn on the edges of the bezel. The plating on the case is pretty blemish free, just a little oxidisation on the chrono pushers etc. TBH these are a small trade off against being able to aquire at what I thought was a very fair price.
  10. Breitling Navitimer Aquisition

    I am long enough in the tooth to know that you are right squire, although my current feeling is that I only want one more....................... Thanks Rich, I'm delighted with it......best of the vintage mixed with modern touches. Thanks Sir, a lucky but painful financial break.............. Thank you kindly Sir!
  11. Breitling Navitimer Aquisition

    Thanks for the kind words mate, TBH I'm firmly in the camp of enjoying gens & reps just the same.....I love wearing reps in & amongst the daily rotation......... Cheers Del, I got lucky with this one...it was a deal I couldn't miss........... Really appreciated, thanks Sir............ Cheers & I do feel extremely fortunate...believe it or not I think one last piece & my collection is done..........
  12. Hi All, Recently (I am a little ashamed to say) I have been flirting with the Gen world. I was extremely fortunate to pick up a Speedmaster Professional ref 145.022 in the last few weeks & that had been my only planned "Big" purchase until later in 2018. However last week another of my wanted list turned up online & it was at such a good price that I had to pull the trigger. It is something of a rarer beast being that this reference of Navitimer was only in production for 2 years (1986-87). The movement is the wonderful handwound Lemania Cal.1873 as also used in the Speedmaster. Breitling moved on to the 7750 in future references. My pick-up is an 18K Gold Plated case & bezel (I had originally planned on a stainless steel Navi) but the gold matches my wedding band & it is in great condition for its age. It came on a wonderful dark brown calf strap. Note the dial spacing is extremely similar to the Speedy & this reference doesn't have a date. I know that the busy face divides opinion but this is a piece I have lusted after since being a kid.I must admit I find a strange sort of beauty in this dial design. There is a nice article with more information on this reference here: https://www.timeline.watch/watch/breitling-navitimer-81600/ Here are a few pictures of mine: