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  1. Alpina watches

    they look nice, I've seen quite a few models in a jewellers window in Lincoln.......not sure what moment they have quartz obviously.....no idea if they are worth the money....
  2. YORKSHIRE summer GTG 2017

    OMG my gut isn't that big is it??? Lol (first mug shot)
  3. YORKSHIRE summer GTG 2017

    I didn't see that one !!
  4. YORKSHIRE summer GTG 2017

    Great night, was nice to meet everyone. Some very nice watches on show especially the IWC of pickled beetroot. Sorry I couldn't wait around for the raffle A great bunch of people, can't wait for the next meet will try and stay over thanks again Kev
  5. YORKSHIRE summer GTG 2017

    If I can get I will, what's the address? Kev
  6. Wish id seen that speedy........




  7. Why DHL is EVIL

    totally different thing, but i bought an electric motor for one of my model aeroplanes, it came from China so i paid import duties (delivered by DHL). Less than a month the motor failed, i was told to send it back (i post it with Royal Mail Post UK) they replaced the motor and a replacement came via DHL, DHL then sent me a invoice for import duties again, i rang them and said that i had sent the motor back for a replacement as the original one failed, so in my eyes, it was a warranty claim. They said that the motor was brand new and that i had to pay the import and admin fees again, i told them to sod off and go and get it from the company i bought the motor off, i told them on the phone that i wasn't paying a penny to them..... they never followed it up........so i didn't pay anything. I would have told them to sod off....... i think these companies try it on just to get money out of people.
  8. Zenith - Pilot Type 20 (PIC HEAVY)

    Toro will sell you a crystal for about $80 usd. I had to buy a replacement a few months ago as I dropped mine and cracked it. ROLIE installed it for me. Cheers for that, I will contact them.
  9. Noob, ready to make my 1st plunge (Omega)

    i bought a pumpkin version of the PO from TT......although the watch is great, it did turn up with a mark on the bezel and the auto winder wasn't working, it would only spin round a quarter of the way and stop dead, turns on when i got the back off it was a half circle ring underneath the counter weight that wasn't fitted correctly, it was sticking out on one end and stopping the rotation of the weight. A blob of super glue and a firm press back together sorted it out. runs fine now but mines a noob version so if its one of these, be careful with the crown when unscrewing and screwing back in....its easy to strip the threads.... Kev
  10. Seamaster Pro 300m: Photoshoot!

    how much?????
  11. Planet ocean...look at that pearl !!

    You guys ought to check out omega or Brietling on gumtree, some right scams on there with cheapo fakes, not even decent reps and some are asking thousands of ££££s I've reported a few as it obvious to me they are nothing but crap. One posting was same watch as this post, looked as if it had been kicked round a concrete floor for a day, the strap was broken and twisted, the pearl and part of the bezel snapped off, and the moron was asking £1200 for it saying it could be put right for £400 and then sold for £2500!!!! He even took a photograph of the back of the watch, no serial number to be seen anywhere. I think it's still on there. Another guy with a breitling navitimer, asking £2000, it was the same as my daily work watch, a £20 crappy copy. Some people are either thick or just dishonest. Kev
  12. Zenith - Pilot Type 20 (PIC HEAVY)

    I recently swapped my Rolex DSSD for a bronze pilot from a guy here on RWG, he added his own style of patina to the case and I love it. None of my other watches have had a look in for the last two weeks I like wearing this so much. I managed to mark the crystal by shoving a screw driver in my pocket with the watch (I put the watch in my pocket for safety!!!!!) it didnt scratch the crystal but marked the AR coating. Not knowing the AR coating was on the outside, I used some brasso to polish the mark out, I then saw a whiteish patch on the crystal, I'd polished the coating off, so I decided to polish the whole crystal and remove the coating. It's ok but I preferred the bluish tinge the coating produced, reflecting light shows the face up as a lighter black!!! I don't think I would be able to get another crystal. Having said all that I'm very impressed with the watch, I did want a SS model with the blue face, but this swap came up and I thought I'd chance it. With the patina on the case, I think it looks awesome, as a normal bronze colour, I don't think I would have been impressed. Now I have the urge to sell a few of my collection and get a SS case pilot. I agree the watch keeps good time and I never have to wind it, the power reserve is that good. If anyone has a SS pilot in blue and wants to swap/trade for something, please let me know Kev
  13. Looking for a camera

    you need a camera with a macro function, or a DSLR with a fast lens, 2.8 or faster or macro lens.
  14. My second Breitling Navitimer photos

    I have one in black with the leather deployment strap also from Trustytime. Be careful with the chrono, the push buttons on mine are very stiff (I don't use it anyway) and my date wheel is slightly off centre. But love the watch and its looks. Enjoy!!!!!
  15. Nite Watches

    has anyone got one of the Nite watches? I've been looking at the Hawk model as i love bright lume watches. Best one i have is a paneri but it doesn't last long, these Nite watches last all night apparently. just wondered if anyone had any views on them. Quite expensive though Kev