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  1. Questions about the Japanese OS20 Quartz

    1: look here the running second subdial at 6. That movement on the hand means it's "ticking" (1 movement each second, vs 8 for the 28.8kBPH mechanical ones) .Being the OS20 a microstepper the chrono hand (in the video you can see it from 1:42) instead moves more similarly to a mechanical watch. For your understanding, a 28.800BPH beats this way. Here a sec @9 one: 2) it is reliable, one of the most used ones 3) you can't hear nearly nothing unless you press it on your hear. Thanks!!!
  2. Questions about the Japanese OS20 Quartz

    Sorry if I sound annoying but is it a huge difference between the automatic or is it a small difference?
  3. Questions about the Japanese OS20 Quartz

    Ahh okay, would you happen to know if the watch makes a digital "click" noise when the timer is activated?
  4. Hello all, I have a few questions about the Japanese OS20 Quartz movement. 1) What does it mean by "ticking". Does that mean that you can actually hear it tick every time it moves one second? If so, how loud is the ticking? 2) How reliable is the movement? I've heard from some people that it has some issues. Any that I should be aware of? 3) Does the watch make a digital noise when you activate the chrono? Thanks!!