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  1. Newman Daytona Cosmograph

    I had a nice watch but I gave it to my daughter's boyfriend . . . . . . . .
  2. Watch on bracelet for my son

    A twelve year old wants a casio g shock with all the bells and whistles.
  3. Look What I Got for $1500

    You're obviously not married if you think that's all it costs.
  4. Look What I Got for $1500

    What you got for $1500 is a happy wife. A lot would think that's a very good price :-)
  5. New here, immediate question

    Welcome aboard. "waiting for the QC pics now, and then i will share it with you." You're not allowed to post QC pics . . . . . assuming that's what you meant by that sentence.
  6. gold dial

    was there ever a 9k Omega with a gold dial? A friend has one (probably 60's) and claims that the dial is solid gold as well. I've googled but can't find any info.
  7. Bracelet parts

    I bought an oyster bracelet from strapcode ( It's a Miltat ) with solid curved end links and I now need straight ends. I've sent two emails to strapcode with no reply. Any ideas where I might get some without buying another expensive band? I'm in UK Cheers
  8. One for the missus

    I've just sold the real one on Ebay and I also had the copy that I sold for £25 We looked at them both side by side and if there was a huge difference, I couldn't see what it was. This watch is the biggest rip-off in history. You can buy a ceramic, aftermarket bracelet on Ebay for forty-odd quid and it contains a quartz movement that's about another thirty quid and then you pay three thousand quid because it's got the word chanel on it. Whoever buys the real one in order to show off wants thrashing within an inch of their lives with a big stick.
  9. TAG Heuer S/el

    Each link is in two halves. You can see the split in the middle. Once you remove the small link next to the clasp, you can prise the next one apart - and so on for as many links as you need to remove. You can buy more on Ebay if necessary. If you're saying that the clasp is broken away (very common) then you will have to get another one. I've tried gluing with metal glue, silver soldering and everything - it's a waste of time
  10. Nice cheap Seiko in the UK

    They're doing a few good deals. I just got the Citizen nighthawk for 135. Not the best bracelet but I've put it on a croc leather and it looks great
  11. Rolex Inlay advice , please. (Pearl)

    Don't bother. Put another bezel with pearl. The insert of the pearl will probably not be the same size. I tried this and when it didn't fit, I tried to make the hole in the bezel bigger. In the end, I just changed the lot. Your TD will get you another bezel with pearl and they're not expensive
  12. TAG Monaco

    I bought a gen one a few weeks ago and within a fortnight I got rid of it. I wasn't keen on it at all. I found it to be uncomfortable; it didn't sit well on the wrist and I wasn't keen on the look of it. Horses for courses I suppose. Some will have a different opinion but that is my view of it.
  13. Auto for the wife?

    Shit.... There are days I'd swap the wife for a lousy fashion quartz Most days I'd include a mid range rep if someone will just take her away ;) Make it a Planet Ocean with orange bezel on SS bracelet and 28,800 bpm and you have a deal Yes but we want to see pictures of her from all angles . . . . .
  14. Auto for the wife?

    Auto for the wife? Sounds like a fair swap!
  15. TKMAXX occasional interesting cheap watches

    http://www.tkmaxx.co...h/invt/76347841 £100 cheaper on Amazon