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  1. KV PAM441 - Very Happy

    Wow, it got there in 2 days lol? The watch is beautiful btw, but im more blown away by that amazon status shipping lol.
  2. Rep vs Gen: Breitling Navitimer 01

    Unfortunately just like the 1 i purchased, the most glaring difference, at least to those who stare at these lol, is the sunken date, pretty easy to spot quick with a naked eye if you know about it.
  3. Superocean Steelfish V2 - Pic Heavy

    It's insane how closely you really have to focus to be able to tell the difference between the rep and gen, especially when the difference is so many 1000's, beautiful photos btw.
  4. Noob question

    I can't argue you with that,99.9% of the time noone but me will notice, I can live with that.
  5. Noob question

    Lol thanks gentlemen, I guess my only prob is that there are no blue screws in the gen:/
  6. Noob question

    Hey guys, so just got my first rep in yesterday from pf, navitimer gmt, beautiful watch, love everything about it...however, it's an open display back and has those blue screws, which is where my noob question comes in, is that a protective layer on the metal I can remove or is that the color of the actual piece? Thanks for any feedback.
  7. Tudor black bay pearl replacement

    Gonna have to agree with the super glue on a toothpick idea, sophisticated.
  8. Tracking Info

    Yea 17track.net gives super detailed tracking info.
  9. Tracking Info

    Sir, you are a gentleman and a scholar, that solved it, and apparently it's out for delivery today... *starts sweating*
  10. Tracking Info

    Hi everyone, first time buyer, ordered through perfect clones, everything was on point and fairly quick, I got an ems tracking number, however this was over a week ago. I tried translating the page without much luck, there are 3 icons illustrating the 3 stages of the delivery I'm guessing? It has been stuck on the first icon for over a week, just wanted to know if this is normal, sorry for being an anxious nooby, it's a breitling navitimer gmt... super excited... probably too excited.