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  1. Metso is a big company in Finland, there is also a joint venture on going in bioenergy between my company and Metso. I think if a bunch of people leave home to relocate thousands of miles away, you don't want to waste energy in re-inventing home building. The German towns are also very distinguishable, I think that is just up to German efficiency. The biggest finnish communities settled in Minnesota, and today the Minnesota Wild NHL team has the most finnish players of any NHL team. Go figure. I have a friend who used to work for Sandvik and Tamrock, that is some tough equipment.
  2. Went to a watch retailer, disappointed and impressed.

    I agree with what you say. Paying top dollar and then not receiving the after sales care you deserve is terrible. I don't have a top dollar gen, but if I had, I would like to have confidence that I am being taken care of whatever happens. The service cost is something I did not consider. How much can one expect to pay for an official maintenance on a high end gen?
  3. Went to a watch retailer, disappointed and impressed.

    There was a time when people bought bodykits to convert their VW bugs into Porsches or Ferraris. That's what I compare rep watches to. They can be really nice and shiny on the outside, but you can't have the real life performance you get with a gen. Ok, to be fair it is a bit of stretch to use that analogy on watches, but it still stands. When I have a gen I know, or should know, that a lot of engineering and design has gone in to that model to make it as perfect as reasonably possible. I know that the best people have designed and built the best possible product. The thing is, of course, what kind of a price you are willing to put on that feeling.
  4. Watch maintenance 101 for noobs

    Hi guys, I'm new in the rep scene and trying to absorb as much information as I can from this awesome forum of yours. I have just purchased my first rep, a PAM292j (via M2M and a great seller MNaji89), and will be looking into the fine details of this beautiful piece as much as I can. My question to you guys is, how do you maintain your timepieces? I'm a mechanic and I find it easy to compare almost any maintenance to that of a car. What is your oil change interval and after how long do you do a full overhaul? Do you have certain things you consider a must or do you do maintenance on a need-to-do basis? I've bookmarked a few pages on the life-and-times of the A7750 and found a boatload of information, but it takes a while to absorb all of that. I'm certain that at some point I will dissect my beautiful mail order brid.. replica, and would appreciate some 101 pointers from you lot. For example what kind of tools would a starter like me need, and if you know any good literature that would be awesome also. And you watchsmiths out there, what is your routine upon receiving a watch, new or used? Cheers.
  5. I just googled Mandello del Lario, and holy shitballs do you have some fine landscape over there! I've decided to do a motorcycle run around the Alps in the next few years. Maybe this is one stop on the way! I mean really, check this out: My neighborhood is known for its flatness. For comparison: And to stay on the topic of replicas, I purchased my first Panerai today from a very good seller @MNaji89 he was pro all the way, even with my noob questions. The watch in question being: Three weeks until my vacation and then I'll get my hands on that beauty. Cheers all for your kind comments!
  6. Cheers guys, My first order was not as smooth of a ride as expected. Not due to the TD, but western union. Somehow the TD was unable to collect the cash I transferred. Must've been something with WU systems - the user interface on their website was not really confidence inspiring to begin with. I cancelled the transfer and just mailed the TD. We'll try again, but this has given me a little time to reconsider my choice of first rep. Maybe a 605! Hoooo Mama!

    I made my first WU transfer online two days ago and now my money is stuck in limbo. Transferred online through Trustly in the WU website (a service you can use in WU, Trustly charges your bank account and hands the cash to WU instantly). Got the MTCN and sure enough, a little while later my WU profile said the money is ready to be picked up in China. The TD tried to pick up my cash from their local WU office, but the WU customer rep said that the transfer is invalid So I contacted WU customer service and they said everything is fine and the money should be free to pick up... Customer service said my TD should try to pick up the money from an other office. We'll see how this develops.
  8. You are quite correct sir. Though a tad on the large side. I'm mostly fiddling with the mid-speed class!
  9. Great pics guys! And both engines are built by my company if I'm not mistaken, the Sulzer definitely is. I don't have a lot of pics on my phone, but this one is from a previous project and shows the scale nicely (1 out of 38 installed!) Still nothing compared to trailboss'a Sulzer!
  10. I think I need some context for that Finland reference Gazzla, or am I better off not knowing? Simms, I've seen ALE's guide and it's quite a bit to take in! But of course that seems to be the go-to source for Panerai info. Definite must read. The juniors is such an awesome tournament, and to win it on home ice in overtime? Phew! I almost had a heart attack.
  11. Aaaand now I'm having trouble with Western Union. The recipient cannot withdraw the money and customer service is telling me everything is fine and telling the recipient to try another office. We'll see how this plays out. I want my PAM441 so bad!
  12. Hi guys, I've been lurking around replica forums for the past couple of weeks now looking for info on how to acquire a proper replica and what to look out for. Before I found these forums I put together a rather impressive wishlist of watches in AliExpress, but was unsure whether or not you actually get a proper watch from those sellers or am I just getting scammed. Thank you Google for lighting the path to these forums After finding the TD sections, mainly RWI's TD of the year -thread, it was a breeze to shop around for the one. The one in this case being the Panerai 441 Ceramica. An incredibly sexy, murdered out assassins tool, at least when I find a fitting (matt)black steel bracelet for it, to match it to the looks of PAM438. If you can think of one from the top of your head - please share! If I can't find a nice bracelet, I'll get the standard black rubber straps for starters. Not that the leather ones are not nice! For myself, I'm a mechanical engineer travelling the world over, about 250 days a year give or take, to build power plants and ships - the engines are my thing. Watches are delicate and amazing in their precision engineering - you don't fix them with a 10lb sledgehammer like my lovemachines. I'm currently in Indonesia and soon relocating to Singapore. If anyone has any good tips for rep-shopping in Singapore, please shout out! Motorcycles are also close to my heart, especially Cafe Racers. If I ever find the time to build one, I will make it a watch inspired one. Think of a Moto Guzzi making love to a Panerai or two! :wanker: For all the Canadian readers: I can talk hockey 24/7/365! I'll also post my current work horse for good measure. I'm amazed how the sapphire crystal is holding up! This badboy has been on my wrist for two years and has seen A LOT of bangs and crashes while at work on my engines and not a single scratch on the sapphire. Truly amazing. Cheers guys for a good forum. I look forward to learning more from you all! Niko