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  1. The Never Ending Seikos Wristies!

    My pepsi met with Dutch Tulips!!!
  2. Inside Rolex Submariner

    I tried to avoid fingernails which was not possible
  3. Inside Rolex Submariner

    Hi Guys, I have found an impressive video while surfing on youtube. Thought you will love it as well. Enjoy!!!
  4. BASELWORLD 2017

    Loved new El Primero!!!
  5. Makers will get the new Piaget ?

    Isnt it weird, even the brands rep each other. It looks like twin sister of nautilus.
  6. I need your help!!!

    You guys are great. I will share the pics when it arrives.
  7. I need your help!!!

    Thanks Richard and onionbag for the advice.
  8. I need your help!!!

    2 more questions ) Is this good price and is the website trustable. Thank you
  9. I need your help!!!

    I follow you on instagram Richard, and I love your collection. When I saw the ad on amazon I thought I saw this watch. Now I remembered that I saw in your instagram. Cheers
  10. I need your help!!!

    I saw on amazon that it decreased from 400 usd, I guess that is over priced :s
  11. I need your help!!!

    Thanks guys, I will check for a better price.
  12. I need your help!!!

    Hi guys, I want to buy a seiko pepsi bezel. I saw a deal in amazon with SKX009 for 239 pound+shipping SKX175 for 280 usd+shipping First question is there any difference. Second question is do you think are they good watches to incluse in collection. Appreciate your thoughts. Thanks,
  13. First order given!!!

    Thanks @Simms @tabuktime, Any suggestions or experience is appreciated which will be faced in the beggining. I also need a toolbox and a fancy watch box.
  14. First order given!!!

    Hi guys, Oficially first order is given. I can feel the excitement travels through my vessels to all my body. I started with regmariner. I will upload a photo when I receive it. I also have couple of gen watches which are inherited from my father. He was also a watch lover. I will also share them with you guys. I will update this topic after each purchase. Below you can see my current list of watches that I would love to buy. However they need to wait due to fund priorities ( I hate mortgages). Current collection; Regmariner no date ( pics will be uploaded) Wish list; Submariner Hulk Submariner Black with date Zenith El Primero Cohiba Zenith El Primero Tour Auto Omega Seamaster Planetocean Ulysse Nardin Maxi marine Blue or Black Ocean Seiko Astron SSE 022 Hublot Classic Fusion Bol d'Or Mirabaud 76,77 or 78th edition Panerai (I will update the models lateron) Casio G-shock (I will update the models lateron) Tudor (I will update the models lateron) My wish list is never final, will be updated always. I am thinking of a mix of gen and rep collections. Lets see how it goes. I would love to get your advices, suggestions. Thanks,
  15. Watch Magazine

    Hi guys, I want to follow some watch magazines to get updated about new technology, latest news and new watches. Do you have any advice. I saw one which had thousands of watch models and price but I dont remember the name. Thanks,