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  1. A New Hobby - Making Straps

    Yessir! I will send you a PM with the details.
  2. A New Hobby - Making Straps

    Thank you! Glad you like it. That was a really challenging project with the H shaped lugs. Really pleased with the way it turned out.
  3. A New Hobby - Making Straps

    Been a little while since my last update. I've acquired a laser engraver and started playing around with it quite a bit. I also got a few other new tools to try to make the less fun parts a little more bearable (skiving ;X) Still a lot of things I can improve on. toad stingray dyed and engraved more misc engraving alligator pair of canvas toad to fit some funky lugs alligator with two tone stitch ostrich in rally style another dyed leather form fit for B&R
  4. A New Hobby - Making Straps

    well..it's been too long since I've had time to give an update. I have been working on a bunch of straps, just haven't made the time to post. I still have not received the tool I mentioned in my prior post. The company told me it should be back in stock in a few weeks, so more to come when that arrives. On to the pics black cherry teju lizard simple tan leather simple maroon leather (sorry for the poor quality) blue ostrich leg cobalt blue caiman tobacco ostrich quill chocolate stingray orange alligator
  5. The Saga Continues

    They should have limited that edition to 0 pieces.
  6. Eyebleach Warning

    That looks like a Beyblade
  7. Has anyone have a replica like this?

    It should. The TDs will mark them as faux if they did not function. You can see a video of a similar movement modified from a 7750 here. http://www.ttw-1388.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=35_114&products_id=17547
  8. Grail Arrived

    Really like the dial and lume. Suits you well. Enjoy it!
  9. 8 months of progress

    Thank you guys If anyone has some ideas that you want to see my try, I'm always looking to try something new. Thank you and absolutely. Feel free to reach out anytime. I'm sure your first question is what some of the tools are for.
  10. 8 months of progress

    Hey guys, I was working on some projects today and opened a drawer with some of my first "straps" in it. It dawned on me that's its been 8 months since I took up this hobby. It's funny to think that I had never given a second thought to leather goods until the end of 2016. Now I own all these specialized tools and have a fairly substantial knowledge of leather. There have been lots of failures and some discouraging moments, but being able to create something that someone wants to wear on their wrist been so rewarding. If you've never made something from scratch with your bare hands, you ought to give it a try. It gives you a whole new appreciation for how things were done in the old days. If anyone is interested in trying out leatherworking, feel free to send me a PM and I'll be more than happy to give you some suggestions on getting started. Now onto some pictures The originals Most recent Side by side Old edges Recent edges As you can see, there's still so much to learn and improve upon even after making 50+ straps.
  11. My little PAM collection...

    Love that 520. Let's see some more pics once it arrives.
  12. A New Hobby - Making Straps

    Couple new ones for the week. I ordered another new tool that should be coming soon. It's a laser engraver that will let me do lots of cool stuff with logos and phrases. I also have ordered another attachment for my heat machine that will give a nice aesthetic. I'll go into more detail once I have an example. Shark with ostrich keepers Crocodile
  13. What's your take on this one?

    That is a piece of beauty. Did you assemble it yourself?
  14. A New Hobby - Making Straps

    These are the last batch of custom orders that I've been slowly catching up on. Now that these are done I have a chance to make myself a few straps I've been imagining. made to fit OEM Nomos hardware