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  1. Why Do Factories Stop Making a Watch?

    It doesn't appear to be be the best version, the indices are raised on this one instead of sunken...
  2. So, What Do You Think, Now??

    Not a fan of the logo and the bracelet doesn't match at all well with the watch head. It just looks nasty and cheap, sorry
  3. Fucking photobucket

    Are you sure it's really $400? Like I said, I pay $30 a year and don't (at the moment) appear to be experiencing any problems...?
  4. Fucking photobucket

    Photobucket still appears te be working for me, all my images are still visible on the forum. I pay $30 a year for my PB account
  5. No way! He's a surgeon, he said so himself! Why would anyone lie on the internet?
  6. How to forge carbon?

    I think there was someone on RG who succesfully attempted this but it's by no means an easy feat
  7. Looking down Beau Rivage...
  8. VIP Giveaway - AP 15202

    That's a great gesture, count me in!
  9. What are sellers afraid of on m2m sales

    Haha - you should've told him you're "taking a piss" and feel kicked in the balls, too, every time you get half your paycheck stolen to pay for his existence. Or asked him why, when he was working, he didn't save $.01 so he'd never be in a situation where he'd be forced, as soon as he lost his job, to recoup 95% of his investment in fake watches :-) Yeah, he's a right cunt for losing his job and his wife developing cancer isn't he?
  10. Whatever you do, don't mention the war!
  11. Patek 530 Aged/Tropicalized

    Great idea and fantastic result! :thumbsup:
  12. List of watches

    Not so sure about the "maintained regularly" Del
  13. Helicopter themed watch.