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  1. Hi Guys

    Thanks for help guys! I think I will order only 1 or 2 watches from a trusted dealer. The risk of beeing catched by the custom is to high. PS: Very much people in Germany have the name Dennis...my best Friend`s name is also Dennis :-)
  2. Hi Guys

    Is this a trusted dealer? Have you an url for me?
  3. Hi Guys

    Thanks man :-)
  4. Hi Guys

    Hi Guys, First i have to say..my english is not the best but i hope that everbody understand me now and in the Future. My name is Dennis and I'm from Germany. I'm looking for a good and reliable supplier who can sell me good watches for a good price because i want to sell them in germany. Not online or in a Shop. Only for friends and their friends. First i wantet to fly to china to get a factory contact but i think it is impossible for a tourist to get informations where the factory of noob or somebody else is :-) My favourite watches are from Rolex. (Submariner, Deepsea Sea dweller,Daydate) The watches should be water resistant...Have Saphir glass...1:1 replica and have a good movement like aeta 2836. Maybe somebody can help me to find a trusted dealer. Best regards Dennis