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  1. strap recommendation

    wow, some choice on there!! great stuff
  2. strap recommendation

    picked up this little gem from DHgate... the watch itself is great but the strap is a wee bit on the cheap side (not surprising really to be fair) What strap would you gut recommend? I'd like to use the buckle as the IWC engraving looks pretty good! Cheers All.
  3. DHGate Winner!!

    Here you go http://www.dhgate.com/product/machine-automatic-watches-sexy-night-dark/388976873.html and yes, it has got the blue face, I'll get some more pics up later. Really impressed with it to be honest, only brought it to see if I'd like it before making a purchase from a TD, I don't think I'll bother and keep this one!!
  4. DHGate Winner!!

    I think it's a standard case back, it's got a plane on it. In the office now so will post a few more pics later.
  5. DHGate Winner!!

    I nave to say, I'm a happy bunny! Took a risk and ordered an IWC Mark XVII from DHgate. wasn't expecting much and after a 4 week wait received this... Properly chuffed with it, ok it's not gen perfect (like duh..!) but for a shade over £60 it's a peach! May even treat it to a better strap at some point
  6. Panerai from DHGate

    Always fancied seeing what a Pam would look like on my wrist...so I've just ordered one of these! Wonder if they do an IWC type watch??

    And stop bloody SHOUTING!
  8. Post your Omega....

  9. Trigger Pulled on my first proper rep.

    Oh, is that something I'm gonna need!
  10. So after months of deliberation and reading up through the boards here I've finally taken the plunge on my first 'proper' rep. I've had a few mid-price reps but this is my first (and probably last) 'super-rep' Excited doesn't come close! This is the one in question! http://www.tb-688.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=37_128_129&product_id=1786
  11. IWC Pilot on eBay

    WTF??? :omfg:
  12. Very nice indeed if you had it to sell! I wonder if these watches were worn or were in safe for most of their life To be fair, you're average Joe in the street would have no idea between this and any other watch....
  13. Old School Reps...

    I have to say, some of the reps I've got recently have been amazing...so hard to tell the difference.
  14. Old School Reps...

    Back in the late eighty's early ninety's a friend of mines Dad was punting out moody Rolex reps (mainly Datejust's) and it got me thinking, how does the Rep scene now compare to then? Is the quality better now? are there more factories etc? Just curious really....