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  1. Hey there! I don't know what knowledge you may already have of Massdrop, but from time to time they offer some quite great watches at an affordable price. They range from automatic Seiko's to Breitlings. (Yes, genuine Breitlings). Last month I bought a Victorinox chronograph with a genuine swiss mechanical movement for a ridicolous price. They're at it again, this time with a GEN ETA 7750 Valjoux powered watch. (Link below) Hamilton Jazzmaster Automatic Chronograph I won't be buying this myself, as I physically can't fit more watches in my two-story watchbox and winder, but I thought that maybe some of you guys would be interested. The watch retails for 1865$, but is sold for 999$ on Massdrop. I've searched a bit, and I have not found a better price yet. For those of you that don't know, Massdrop organizes "group purchases" where a bunch of guys go together and buy stuff at reduced price. This particular watch needs at least three buyers to actually be sold, and if three buyers have paid for it, it'll be shipped at December 27th. In other words, you won't get it before the beginning of January. I just bought a Victorinox Ambassador Chronograph with a genuine mechanical ETA chronograph, and I love it. A good A7750 replica will cost you 5-600$, and is prone to breaking - At any time. Chip in some more dough, and get a mechanical chronograph that'll last you a lifetime.
  2. Spotted in my local FaceAche Selling page

  3. HELP!! Broken clasp thingy

    Solder it! Weld it! If all else fails, you can still put the clasp on and wrap some duct tape around the clasp once it's on the wrist. Nobody ever looks at the clasp anyways.
  4. ARF Daytona landed

    Hah, wish it was that easy!
  5. HELP!! Broken clasp thingy

    Hmm. You din't show pics of the tiny hole where the pin is mounted, orignally. (That's just the hole it locks into). Does the mounting hole go through the material? Or is it just a "dip" in it?
  6. HELP!! Broken clasp thingy

    That is the "knob" from the counterpart of the clasp right?
  7. ARF Daytona landed

    It's not a traditional A7750. It has been modified, in several ways. Makers claim that these modifications has violently increased reliability, but this has yet to be proven. It is a NEW movement after all, so we have not had time to discover flaws. I believe we are two or three owners in here. A handfull over at RWI. If these watches suck, we'll find out shortly. A normal A7750 Daytona usually does not last long.
  8. ARF Daytona landed

    modified A7750. The minute and hour modules are removed, and the movement is made skinnier.
  9. New RWG Pass around watch

    Norway sometime, I hope..
  10. Any 3D print hobbists?

    I could help you out - but a piece that small is hard to get rigid with a standard 1.75mm 3d-printer..
  11. Watch Cabinet Project

    Can I still try to talk you into lighting? Cold white LED-strips would do the part on the displays. Trust me.
  12. Spent almost $700 on an RM rep

    My point exactly
  13. Spent almost $700 on an RM rep

    You seem like a reflected fella, and I bet you have picked up upon the love/hate towards RM. When I started reps, the only thing that looked good was a Rolex Submariner. Everything else was ugly. Audemars Piquet was a poor resemblance of Patrick Star, Hublot looked like a turd, A&L was nothing but an old mans watch to me . Now, I adore all these models, and hardly ever look at my submariner. I have yet to reach the RM stage though. Somehow, I think we're all on a slow, but steady decent into the mad world of Richard Mille. All of us. Wear it in health mate.
  14. The new ARF A4130 Yellow Gold Basel Daytona

    Still alive! The gold seems to hold up great too. No noticeable scratches or anything, except for some mild desk-divers on the clasp.