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  1. You should buy a ROO, and I should buy a DHGate-watch. Then we both get to challenge ourselves
  2. The new ARF A4130 Yellow Gold Basel Daytona

    If I run a ruler where my watch would be on the wrist, it reads out 17,5cm. Anything less than 17cm will be too small, and the watch would just dangle about. My hand/wrist ratio is out of this world.
  3. Hello

    ... And what a first post it turned out to be! Welcome
  4. The "post your Rolex" thread

    This ARF man!
  5. The new ARF A4130 Yellow Gold Basel Daytona

    She's been on the wrist nonstop. Starting a new week together!
  6. The new ARF A4130 Yellow Gold Basel Daytona

    Haha but holy shit, that price. If the movement is up to par, it’s definately worth it. But only time will tell. when they release the fully working A4130 clone (presumably next summer) I’ll just have to go for the ceramic panda or chocolate.
  7. The new ARF A4130 Yellow Gold Basel Daytona

    Do it man! Price is steep, but holy cow, the details! (And maybe wait and see if my movement goes to shit any time soon)
  8. The new ARF A4130 Yellow Gold Basel Daytona

    Jesus christ, even the rehaut engravings!
  9. The new ARF A4130 Yellow Gold Basel Daytona

    I’m still overwhelmed by this watch. Brought out my Macro lens. This is the 10x macro. I was actually looking for the etched rolex crown, but I couldn’t find it. But look at these details! How do repmakers do this?! I’m used to doing these macro shots only to find «rough edges» on hands and poor dial print. But LOOK AT THIS!!!! I eventually jacked up the macro to 15x and brought out my LED-Lenser. Guess what I found!! The @6 crown is there, but it’s so gen-like you can’t see it with the naked eye. I’ve never seen this before. The lume after exposed to intense lighting is nice, but I’m dissapointed at the «everyday lume».
  10. The new ARF A4130 Yellow Gold Basel Daytona

    Thanks for great feedback guys. She’s a keeper! Usually I find things to «pick» on my watches. You know, things that separates them from gen. This however, looks so damn real. I’ve checked with tonnes of pictures, and she’s spot on. The accuracy though, DAMN if my QC pics weren’t lying. (QC claimed 4.2 sec a day)
  11. The new ARF A4130 Yellow Gold Basel Daytona

    The oysterflex feels amazing though!
  12. A4130 - Is it the new one?

    She’s live! @Chiquita Fanjita @WatchaholicMallorca
  13. Hey! Finally, this order arrived. By far my worst one yet, because I drove directly to the post office after a two-hour drive, then to my apartment. I decided to open the watch first, even though I had to piss like a motherfucker. Used my brand new (note, sharp) knife to open the package. Me, tripping like a bitch due to my full bladder sliced up my left thumb. So that’s nice. The watch however, is fantastic! It arrives in this brilliant service-box from the «The Hourglass» boutique in Australia... So, thanks to The Hourglass! http://www.thehourglass.com/boutiques/australia/ Moving on, here she is. Brilliant little thing. It came with the chrono seconds at 58, and the pushers unscrewed. Chrono restarted, and reset like a charm. Screwed the pushers back in, never to be used again. The @3 and @9 are faux dials anyways. So, this new movement is exciting. I’m excited to see how long it lasts, and if it proves reliable! It’s so thin it’s ALMOST Daytona spec from caseback to crystal. Rotor is noisy, so they haven’t fixed that The dial is pure porn, and crisp like a motherfucker. She plays SO nice under certain lighting conditions. The Oysterflex band only has three positions, and the tightest one just barely fits me. Clasp feels cheap as fuck, and I’d expect more from a watch this expensive. Nonetheless, it looks the part. Stocks from the ARF factory is limited, so be aware of LONG delivery time for this piece. Questions? Fire away. Enjoy the pics.
  14. AP Diver V7 JF from Toro

    Jesus christ that looks good!