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  1. New... but not Noob-New

    I am glad to hear that. You will not be disappointed. I look forward to the wristshots.
  2. New... but not Noob-New

    I bought it from Andrew. But every TD will be able to get it for you. It's only important that you choose the one from the Noob factory.
  3. New... but not Noob-New

    Thanks for the differentiated feedback. Amazing. You hit the bull's-eye. Tissot, Ingy and JLC are my favorite watches. They get the most wrist time. Chunky watches don't suit my thin wrist.
  4. New... but not Noob-New

    Buy it. Buy it. It's a super rep. I have a few more pictures (with focus on the Jacobstrap):
  5. From now on, I appreciate every pubic hair in my watch.
  6. New... but not Noob-New

    Smartphone camera. Plus: I'm not a good photographer.
  7. New... but not Noob-New

    I can't tell (tbh I'm not very happy with this one and can't wait my TC LV). But I can provide more pictures:
  8. True words. Thanks for the clarification. So no ultrasonic cleaner. I work in the office and am a clean person. That must be enough
  9. Thank you for this valuable expert opinion. I belong to the 99% which should not open the watch. I saw pictures of open watches and inside everything was full with body hair and other dirt. That is why Tip No. 1 was comprehensible for me, although I never opened my watches. But I could never understand Tip # 2. I mean, WD 40 is for my bike chain and the squeaky doors. Not for my Rolex. Whether it's fake or not. A question about cleaning the bracelet: A jeweler told me, I should give my bracelet an ultrasonic bath every now and then. Because this creates a beautiful shine. He does it with engagement rings. Do you think the purchase of an ultrasonic cleaner is worth the money?
  10. New member to RWG :)

    Hello and welcome (coming from another Newbie). I also started with designer watches. At the beginning I could not understand why someone spent tens of thousands of dollars on a watch. But as soon as you get closer to the subject and the enthusiasm rises, you start to understand the value of the watches. From this moment, the desire and pursuit of perfection begins. And ends with many people buying a gen. You seem to be close to this point. Omega is a good choice for going gen. I like vintage watches too. But not the kind of vintage watches that one can buy at the TD. Rather, the ones you see at Theo & Harris. I like the fact that the vintage watches are not so big and chunky. At that time, watches were not there to attract attention. They were simply timeless and elegant pieces. With good luck you'll find beautiful vintage pieces on the M2M platform. But then I'll be your competitor Cheers!
  11. New... but not Noob-New

    @dappel08 The V6s is from Kuvarsit. Great service from this TD. The first Sub was confiscated by customs. It was my fault because I had not chosen the triangel shipping. Nevertheless, Amanda sent a new watch without hesitation. The TC Sub is... well, from the one and only TC himself. At the moment (and maybe forever) you can buy this beauty only via M2M. BR, Trendconcept
  12. New... but not Noob-New

    The waiting list gets longer and longer. I have a nice TC V3 LV incoming (mint condition). Now only the TC Yachtmaster Elabore is missing, then the TC universe is sewn together.
  13. New week wristcheck 14th August 2017

    Monday is TC-Day
  14. New... but not Noob-New

    Thank you all. I am very pleased that you like my small collection. Some treasures are still in the pipeline.
  15. New... but not Noob-New

    Yes it is gen. Good eye! I went to Cartier without a purchase plan. But I fell in love immediately. Despite the quartz movement. The Tissot is, of course, also gen.