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  1. Trusted Dealers...

    Wonder which TD's accept the RWG banjoplucker the latest cryptocurrency?
  2. OK, I'm a fool

    Thanks for the comments guys, will update (yeah, yeah with pictures) when it all comes together. Can't believe no one has a 116515LN and not put new shoes on it.
  3. OK, I'm a fool

    No suggestions? Poses the question, "whatever happened to Strapviet ?"
  4. OK, I'm a fool

    After years of seduction by BasleWorld's 116515LN (Everose, brown dial, black bezel) and pondering self destructing 7750's in Daytonas, the latest modded version has finally pushed me over the edge into ordering. Problem is they now all come on the "Oysterflex" rubber, both real and rep. Would rather like a nice black croc as the original models. Anyone know if the deployant is easily switchable from the Oysterflex, any thoughts on supply? Only too aware we have Trusted Strap Suppliers just asking for recommendations .
  5. I heard RWG likes quality timepieces

    Always been partial to a nice Quim
  6. Baldricks Contributions for Floral Tribute !!

    Personaly I think that fur coat really suits him
  7. Baldricks Contributions for Floral Tribute !!

    Pre Church bump
  8. Baldricks Contributions for Floral Tribute !!

    Sorry serious post. One of life's little surprises here in the UK, is when you turn sixty getting a little kit to sample your shit and return for analysis and screening. Having lost a few feet of intestine and bowel following the screening I have to attest to the effectiveness of early diagnosis. I was fortunate but talking with my new buddies those that do go through the chemo route there are so many drugs now and new ones every month that there is always hope. Above all the most important thing in dealing with this shit disease is having a positive attitude. Over the past year I have seen people succumb when in a good position and survive when the prognosis has not been good. Never, ever give in.
  9. Rolex affionados, I seek your knowledge

    Buy something close, then send it to RolexAddict for fettling
  10. How to replace a watch battery ? Womens style.....

    You always need to be correctly attired if you are a professional
  11. VC Overseas on grey croc

    When I bought, I was following the footsteps of LHOOQ who waaaay back bought from Tony, at what was then Asian7750.com (NOT A TRUSTED DEALER). The VC came on a bracelet but on croc was another option so just asked for the croc as part of the deal. It does have plastic inserts and the pins (as pic one) are screwed into the arms on the case and sit into the plastic. Devils own job to fit and part of my downfall. Very much liking the croc, but the VC bracelet is one of the nicest and most distinctive around and I can see a return in the future.
  12. VC Overseas on grey croc

    Laydeeeez and Genelmen For your delectation, my VC Overseas transplanted from it's (very nice) bracelet, onto a grey croc band. Much delayed due to a schoolboy error on my part and a lost pin, very great thanks to JohnPilot. Without his assistance I would have been well up shit creek. When will someone start a little parts only operation? most of us would pay very good prices for very cheap simple items which we just can't lay our hands on.
  13. Advice on buying a dive watch

    Gerlach Otago, Heart Of Darkness Automatic movement SeaGull ST 2551 with hacking and hand winding Power reserve: 45h Frequency: 21.600 bps Stainless steels case 316L Case size: 42×50 mm, black PVD cover Water Resistant 200m Sapphire crystal Luminous Hands and Markers Steel bracelet, black PVD cover, size 22mm Wooden watchcase 24 month warranty and under budget, which is nice
  14. AP Diver Rose Gold, Aged Croc

    Have to say this was as a result of seeing the combo on a M2M sale some time ago and when the stars were in the right place I decided to replicate (a replicant?) Toro provided the AP Diver and while I know and love our own strap TD's Vic at Haute Strapmakerie over at our RWI sister site still had a nice piece of the absolutely wonderful soft distressed croc that he used for the original.
  15. One of those oh shit moments

    Well firstly apologies for the crap picture, but here is the article that I (taking full personal responsibility for being a prick) lost and need to replace. The pin is about 11mm long in total, 1mm cap for screwdriver slot, 2mm of thread (type unknown) diameter according to my cheapo caliper 1.17mm. Any assistance and suggestions in sourcing gratefully accepted. Going through the vacuum bag, done that before without success, gonna nae dae tha agin.