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  1. Wrist check w/c 23rd January 2017

  2. Wrist Check W/C 16th January

    cheers will do - CNY is actually a blessing - stops me buying anything on a whim!
  3. Wrist Check W/C 16th January

    These what? Tudors? If so any TD. i was just wondering if those two specifically recommended anyone
  4. Wrist Check W/C 16th January

    where are you ordering these?
  5. Wrist Check W/C 16th January

    wow - thats a very convincing rep. lovely watch
  6. Wrist Check W/C 16th January

    is that a gen?
  7. The "What vintage watch are you wearing today?" Thread

    that rolex pepsi is wonderful
  8. Ordered Another Watch

    who is the TD? mary delivered a watch via DHL that arrived last monday, sailed through customs fine.
  9. ive seen a few reps where the orange in the bezel is a fairly poorly "painted in" detail. have these improved or is that still what is coming out of the TD's at the moment?
  10. Omega orange number replacement possible?

    if one of the numbers is wonky (the 1 in my 12 on my PO is a little off) will this be down to poor placement or can it be resolved? its almost not worth the bother - but its the only thing that is noticeable. in an otherwise perfect rep.
  11. if anyone compliments the watch i won't say anything. but if they ask to see it i'll come clean and say its a fake.