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  1. I am a patient man

    Admin...please...Mr onzenuub is annoying me all the time. SamsongausKongo is his accomplice! Please protect me from this scandalous attacs ...maybe I shoult change my name into RUSTY MAN
  2. I am a patient man

    I am a patient man, god is my witness! But Netherland Post International Mail is so fucking slow that sooner or later I am gonna lose my patience . My long awaited Vintage Rolli ist IN TRANSIT since Nov. 1st!! Thats not a silent reproach to the TD, no. never, but wtf......40 days IN TRANSIT!! Please hurry up Netherland Post or II go to hungerstrike.
  3. Vintage Milgauss - 6541 modded

    haha that comment makes me lough!!
  4. Blancpain (with picture)

    Guys you are great! Thank you!!
  5. Guys does this model really exist`?
  6. 2 New Arrivals from Mary

    Wow, if you ever want so sell the Cartier please give me a pm!
  7. Watch Lume

    I orderd at AMAZON https://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B00DEKB9R6/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 good lume
  8. PAM 113 from Trusty

    Wristshot please!
  9. REP forum vs Real world

    it makes laugh, but honestly who haven't thought about that? I was also imagine how family would react if they could get there hands on it, because I'm not running around wearing a shirt ,,REP on the left" l lol good idea
  10. REP forum vs Real world

    Get buried with your reps
  11. Thank you ladies for each advice you honestly gave me! CONCLUTION: - get hooked on gens - hang yourself - go to moon - tell your wife what you are doing - self control - one rep in one rep out - ordering more reps - submit yourself to drugs - start bying straps - get a better paying job - sell children - start selling watches..... Thanks again, this will help me to overcome my temptation!!
  12. Come to an end? Why??? ...because my next car will be a "Yugo" instead of a Volvo if this won't come to an end!
  13. This advice is simply not good enough But thanks anyway!
  14. Folks i spend my money for Reps like a drunken sailor... 600,- this month, 380,- the month before and so on! This must come to an end! Somebody give me a good advice to overcome this sweet temptation? Thx Vintage (hooked for reps)

    ok enough is enough shame on me!!!