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  1. Is McJules still in buisness?. I have send emails to him but I got no asnwer since weeks.
  2. Still with the AP RO 15400
  3. The "What AP are you wearing today" Thread

    NICE...and classy. is that the newer JJF? Older JJF. I am considering selling it and buying the new version. This watch is my favorite and any improvement for me is worth it.
  4. Good deal on a sea dweller at trusty

    Interested too is this is a good deal.
  5. Picked up today.
  6. The watch and strap combination is amazing. Where did you source the strap?
  7. Does anybody know where could I find an opener for the VC 6087 Cow Horns? The case back has 10 sides and the watch is 38.5mm diameter. Thank you in advance! Here a picture or the case back Best Javier
  8. Totally, great value. Though I think I will go for the Noob V7. It is my first Sub and I got hooked, however I do not like the low beat movement. Otherwise awesome for the price.
  9. I think so, SKY F from PC
  10. Could you post some more pictures? that one looks pretty good Sure!, next Monday, this weekend i have only the PAM 111 with me. Best
  11. Mine arrived today. The numbers in the bezel are titanium not white.
  12. The pearl looks wrong. Too late for me as I already ordered one and approved. Does anybody know if it is possible to find replacement pearls? The numbers on the bezel look too thin, but is something I can live with, but not the pearl.