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  1. Vintage Sub and SD - quality?

    You mean like TC, Phong etc?
  2. Hi from Switzerland

    maybe thats why it is attracting me so much haha
  3. Vintage Sub and SD - quality?

    I just reported my thread with the report button and hope they can move it. i am sorry.
  4. Hi from Switzerland

    i can imagine that. We've been in sarasota (siesta key etc). its very liveable, clean and rather quiet then south beach :-) and everytime there.. i am going to be fat. its incredible, how fast you can get fat in the states. i cannot stop eating there. Five guys here, shack shaq there... you have to do sports, otherwise it would be very dificult, to get your fat-hands through the bracelet of your rep-rolex :-)
  5. Hi Guys My first post here (after intro in Newcomersection).. maybe someone help me. I am looking for vintage rep submariner and seadweller like 1665 comex, Red etc. A friend told me, that they have a lower quality compared to the classic reps from Noob with very good quality (for example 116600 SD4k v2). Is this correct? Thank you.
  6. Hi from Switzerland

    he daffy.. we use to go every two years to florida in winter. :-) we are feeling like us-snowbirds. swiss winter is getting really cold and we love to stay at a warmer place then. very great place. last year we stayed over a month in miami. we love this country.
  7. Hi from Switzerland

    that makes me laughing out loud. haha. no no. unfortunately i am not so creative ) "batman" was taken and i just a few minutes before i registered into this forum i was eating a mango and mixed nuts (i am on my way to my power-steelfull-arnie-body you know). I stopped eating junkfood and try to live healthier with sports and so on. sorry guys for my bad english. but i give my best.
  8. Hi from Switzerland

    Welcome. You probably know that some people in Switzerland are not very keen on reps, so take extra care. Have fun with the hobby. Yeah i know that. But swiss law allows you to wear rep watches. Import is forbidden, so thats the big problem, when a swiss guy wants to have a new rep :-) Luckily we are small country (half of the size of south carolina) so crossborder shopping is easy. Many of uf will let send their parcels to germany to a pick up store.
  9. So I am happy to find here some new friends :-) and share experiences. Earlier i had several Reps, but they were so bad quality, so i stopped wearing reps and got a g-shock haha. But i saw, that the actual reps have a really good quality and i think i will get one asap. Kind regards from Zurich / Switzerland Mango