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  1. Newest rep version looking less beautiful ?

    I'd ask the TD or another TD if your regular TD can't, if he/she can get the previous version for you. As far as newer not being better, that my friend, is very possible with more than just watches. :P thanks Yes you're right... some people doesn't like the new Audi A3 and prefers the previous one etc... but I was referring for instance to the famous NOOB version of Sub... V7 was better than V6 etc... Anyway I'll ask other TDs cheers
  2. Newest rep version looking less beautiful ?

    QC pictures are prohibited. If you've been given a generic sales picture, that isn't of the specific watch you have ordered, that seems to be ok. Yes. I haven't placed any order... the TD proactively informed me that the newest version looks not very good so my question was general regarding the newest version: How is it possible to release something new that doesn't like good :(
  3. Hello dear forum, I'm quite new here and so far I have bought 2 replicas so apologies in advance if my question looks weird !!! I was thinking to order a nice OMEGA 300 Seamaster vintage 2014 like this one below from the V6F http://www.pf-818.com/makers/v6f-products/0-omcpo42-003-seamaster-2014-ss-ss-blk-82.html So I decided to get a quote and information with a TD I'm used to chat with What a surprise when I received his mail including pics; he informed me that the newest version from the V6F looks completely different and here different means less beautiful. I don't know if I'm allowed to post the pic I received so I don't post it at the moment but the bezel looks completely different, there is no engravure and no indication on it (10 / 20/30/40/50) I was disappointed and don'k know where to order the previous version! So I was wondering if it's frequent or not to get new watch release looking less beautiful than the previous one that's all for now cheers franzy
  4. 6204 Black Gilt Dial

    looking forward to M2M.... maybe a vintage GMT 1675... my holy graal
  5. Submariner 116610LN Bp Maker A2813

    In that case... why not considering a Regmariner? I'm quite new here with very little rep knowledge but reading several posts about Regmariner and it's often compared to the NOOB v7 and conclusion is price difference is not justified? it's my lowly newbie opinion
  6. Submariner 116610LN Bp Maker A2813

    Hello Both TDs are not TDs here... are you sure of them? nice watch by the way franzy
  7. Very nice watch... definitely vintage Rolex addicted too could you please tell me what are the exact models reference? cheers!
  8. Vintage Rolex Advice

    Hi, I just bought 5512 from MR, see the thread http://www.rwg.bz/board/index.php?showtopic=120447 5513 is also available / all from JKF very good price and EXCELLENT service... cheers franz
  9. Hi - Regmariner on order :)

    Hi Gerl thanks mate for the reply... very accurate for the weight I think I will order one very soon cheers franz
  10. Hi - Regmariner on order :)

    Hello mate nice choice.. I am in contact with Reg to buy the same or maybe I will wait for him to have new models in stock such as GMT II Rolex I'm new as well in the replica world and so far I have bough my first rolex rep 5512. I love it but was surprised about the weight of the watch and found the bracelet too loose what's your opinion about the Regmariner bracelet and weight? cheers franz from the UK
  11. hello from a newbie in London

    Thank you mate.. I know I know... that's what my wife said to me " WTF again a watch?" Calm down Darling it's a rep...lol I know that somedays I will have to sell some of them but I can't at the moment :(
  12. Hello Guys and Forum, I've been looking around at RWG and different TD's site and now I've completed my first order from Marvellous Replica... great experience and I will post a feedback on the forum as well I am a watch lover and have already a couple of gen watches in this order: Oris Artelier/ Tag Cal 5 / Longines and my last and favorite one bought last year for Xmas: Tudor chrono heritage blue! I have been introduced to this "parallel" replica world by a colleague... Shame on him as I am now addicted lol I felt in love with vintage Rolex recently and obviously even if my Tudor was already expensive the next step to buy a ROLEX vintage owned or new is BIG!!! That's why I decided to buy a rep to see... All people I've contacted here were very nice and reactive... catch up with you later on feedback about my Rolex 5512 from MR! thank you all franz
  13. My first vintage--- 5512 by Pratt

    thank you guys... I have still a lot to learn about various forum not easy to jump from a forum to another to get all information! but I guess that my main problem will be to accept to spend more money for the mods than for buying the watch itself cheers franz
  14. My first vintage--- 5512 by Pratt

    hi dear forum Just bought a vintage 5512 from MR and I am already looking for some mods to have a real vintage look So far I got that RolexAddict does a really good work but I don't know Pratt... how can I get in touch with him? thanks a lot franz
  15. My new acquisition Rolex 5512

    so finally the crown are not too big? I've seen many comments about crown too big compared to the gen my 5512 from MR is on its way and I can't wait to wear it