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  1. New Week Wrist Check 04th December 2017

    My Rolie custom build today - still can't quite believe I won this at my first Yarkshire GTG!
  2. Yorkshire spring GTG 2018

    Aye, that's quite a list!! Looking forward to it already!
  3. Yorkshire spring GTG 2018

    Aye - am there!
  4. Good morning from Canada eh!

    My band plays Spirit of Radio & Bravado rather well....!
  5. Good morning from Canada eh!

    Lerxst, eh? Can I have your Hentor Sportscaster (in joke for Lerxst fans...)
  6. Anybody got 47mm Panerai?

    #2 heading towards a #3 if the toys get thrown out...
  7. new

    Hi there Some advice, rather than doing a few word answers to multiple post, what we'd like here is for you to introduce yourself, where in the world are you, what brings you here, etc, etc. You'll get far more out of it/us than doing multiple replies on old threads
  8. Nimbus

    Oddly enough, we do already have a T.W.A.T scale....! That one is reserved for "experienced" posters making a bit of a tool of themselves... But yes, a #1 on the T.N.S from what we've seen so far. Welcome to the nuthouse!!! Oh, and pics of some of the stuff you have would be champion.
  9. Which Seiko should I buy in Tokyo?

    The Presage line, especially the SRPB41 with the stunning blue 'cocktail time' type dial would be my choice (as I already have an Sarb017 Alpinist). Also an Sarb035 or Sarb065 would be in the running for me. Happy hunting - would love to hear the cost of picking one of those up out there!
  10. New Week Wrist Check 20th November 2017

    This today:
  11. Disappointing threads.

    I've only been here a relatively short time in just over a year. Yes, reps are what got me here in the first place and I still love to see what folk are wearing and buying. I also love to read threads which go south where folk take monumental bits of piss out of each other! You should hear the conversation when we have a GTG!! I welcome with open arms a Noob, hopefully 1's on the T.N.S. The more the merrier - but 2's, 3's and especially 4's are fair game for piss taking, as are those who manage somehow to score the same number on the T.W.A.T. scale. Watches and banter - works for me!
  12. 'D.I.C.K' works for me...... But T.W.A.T is also acceptable.
  13. - you silver tongued cavalier, you!!