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  1. US customs seizure letter

    Aye but now it is legal they can use any "evidence" garnered from the snoopers charter against you in a court of law. Won't stop terrorists but means they can "control" the plebs.
  2. Noob v7 Hulk bracelet

    Don't want to appear rude but have you got nothing else to do? Lol, they are 20mm where they join the case and taper down slightly towards the clasp!
  3. My Submariner Noob v7 a2836

    If you are in the UK search forum member "Rolie" he repairs watches for a reasonable charge.
  4. I think HRH Charles Sachs Coburg Gotha would describe these as a monstrous carbuncle.
  5. Looks like the type of watch Barbie would wear lol
  6. But is it 210 grade Polonium , or a cheaper version ?
  7. Can't agree about the reseach and development thing. The beauty of the Rolex submariner, or the Lacoste polo shirt, or the Burberry house check for that matter, is that they do not really change. They may evolve gradually over time but they are iconic, classic and if dramatically changed constantly would lose that classic status. Rolex is plastered all over Wimbledon, that's where the money goes as another poster said...
  8. It is highly hypocritical of Rolex et al to condemn replica watches in this manner. Their watches whilst being undoubtedly beautiful pieces of design are not worth the exorbitant prices they charge. They set an unnaturaly high mrp so as to make the watches "exclusive" and only available to those with the disposable income to spend £10k on a timepiece. If these Chinese people can produce a watch that is practically indistinguishable from their product for 5% of the price that tells you how overpriced their products are in my humble opinion
  9. Rolie to the rescue

    2 of my watches developed slight problems which I myself couldn't remedy. Asked a local watchmaker who gave the "Chinese rubbish can't get the parts..." speech. Whilst browsing the forums noticed that erstwhile horological genius Rolie lived quite near me. Sent him a pm, and he said he would call round and have a look. Took them home with him and then 3 days later were posted back to me as good as new. Very reasonable cost for a very good service. Would recommend him to anyone and he's a nice fella to boot. Sorry can't upload pics before the banners come out, just wanted to add further to Neil's standing amongst members.
  10. Window shopping and saw this tudor

    Looks like a cross between a yachtmaster and a submariner!
  11. How the HE valve works

    These watches in gen are (or were) tool watches.I have read that computers have replaced them now but they were actually essential for divers back in the day.
  12. On your extensive search of the internet, try reading a dictionary for spelling and grammar.Your posts may not resemble those of a 10 year old then lol
  13. Sea Dweller V7

    I quite simply do not understand why you are highly delighted that your sa3135 is actually working. So are my a2836 and for that matter so are my dg2813. They are SUPPOSED to work aren't they????
  14. Apparently some people on the forums regard obsessive compulsive disorder as a badge of honour in their pursuit for the perfect solid end links lol
  15. Baldrick's Watches.Sale of them.

    Although I never knew Baldrick personally I enjoyed reading old posts of his and the idea of selling his watches to people who would appreciate them and donating the proceeds to charity that is trying to end the cruel disease that took his life is a very good idea. Without people like him there would be no forums and no trusted dealers, a true pioneer in this hobby we should all be grateful to.