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  1. Slightly smaller than you're looking for but the XVI works great for me as a daily office watch. Put it on a decent strap and it's still unshowy but looks great. Can't remember my wrist size off the top of my head but anything over 42mm looks oversized to my eyes. Have a look at the Tudor Heritage Ranger too. That's a great looking watch in the size you're after.
  2. Silver faced watches

    Some very nice watches there. This is going to get expensive! Love the simplicity of that JLC dial too.
  3. Favorite 40<= Watch?

    I'm in a similar boat and looking at dressier watches. For a < 40mm and not-too-thick I love my IWC mk XVI though. Goes with anything, and (IMHO) can be a casual-style dress watch or a dress-casual watch. Particularly if you swop the strap every now and then.
  4. Silver faced watches

    Thanks all. Silver looks incredible on that brown strap too. I'm getting some major watch envy here. What's the spelling mistake on the Master Geographic?
  5. Silver faced watches

    There's one one m2m or rwi! Thanks for the heads-up - if it was EU I might go for it but alas not!
  6. Silver faced watches

    Those are lovely watches, thanks for sharing...once pay day comes around it looks like a JLC might be on the cards.
  7. Silver faced watches

    Hi folks, I've got a couple of black faced reps now that I love for daily wear, but I've got an itch I need to scratch for more formal wear with a suit or just to mix it up a bit, and have been looking at various white faced options - mostly IWC 5007 but they might be a bit big, and some Longines...but I keep coming back to the JLC Reserve de Marche with the silver face. Such a pity it doesn't come in white. I don't tend to see a lot of silver faced watches around though so wondered if anyone's got any views. Good with a suit? Does the silver tend more to grey or white (I appreciate that may not make much sense, but I don't want another watch dial that looks dark!) Hard to tell from photos on the interweb. Any real-world opinions on their general wearability, why you got one, or why you didn't get one if you thought about it and didn't go ahead, are valued. Thanks
  8. AP 15400 RO in the wild...I'm a convert

    Thanks for the photos and advice, really is appreciated. I totally agree with you that a leather strap probably looks better with gold than going all gold. From the photos I love the presence of the larger size but also how discrete the smaller one is. Decisions decisions! Will probably end up getting both at this rate. I've had a similar dilemma over the different size Omega AT's - I know I want one of those too, but don't know which size Thanks again for the help.
  9. AP 15400 RO in the wild...I'm a convert

    Apologies for posting in the wrong place, just getting used to the forum. Thanks for the link, I'm working my way through it now.
  10. i'm new to reps, but have long loved watches. My first and only rep so far is an IWC which I love, and I know it'll lead to more...I like pretty simple, unflashy watch designs, and have been looking at some thin dress watches as a next purchase, but a couple of hours ago I saw an AP - what I think was a 15400 RO in gold in the window of a pawn shop. Absolutely *stunning*. Put every other watch in the window in the shade - Breitling, Omegas and more. So...I now know an AP is in my future too. Any recommendations for an AP newbie of a first one for a fairly skinny wrist? I find 40mm feels big enough but could maybe go a little more. I'm thinkng blue dial, stainless steel perhaps...
  11. That looks fantastic. My first rep is IWC and there's something about the clean simplicity of them that makes me want more.
  12. Hi everyone, looking forward to discovering this forum more. I've always loved watches and recently discovered reps...it's addictive isn't it? :-)