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  1. Can i fix my Milgauss ?

    Remove case back with either proper tool or sticky ball (my preferred method). Remove crown and stem from movement. (Google this, it's not hard) Remove movement holder if it has one. The plastic ring around movement. Pop movement out. Put a small ball of blu-tak on a pen or something similar and carefully pick up seconds hand with blu-tak, being sure that seconds hand is right way up. Gently place seconds hand onto movement shaft. I use tweezers to gently press down on either side of hand around shaft. GENTLY!! Make sure as to check that ALL hands are lined up correctly and will not bump into each other. Replace movement, stem and crown, plastic ring and screw case back firmly into place. That should do it Good luck
  2. ^THIS^ oh and..... DHGate for the win!!
  3. Eyebleach Warning

    Probably designed by Ben 10
  4. Ap quartz movement

    Being cute will get you nowhere in here. Doing even a small amount of research yourself so as not to sound completely ignorant will get you everywhere. Your question was worse than, 'who's got the best sub?' Condescension, I've seen it in droves around here. Be happy it came from me and not Onze....... Welcome to the forum
  5. Ap quartz movement

  6. Ap quartz movement

    I have an AP Royal Oak VK Quartz. It's good quality
  7. Grail Arrived

    I really like the links, great different style. Can I ask how much you paid?
  8. Grail Arrived

    I like this a lot, especially the bracelet Great looking watch mate
  9. The 31 and the 1 are what gives it away as a rep at first glance
  10. 8 months of progress

    Great progress! This is something imho I g to get into soon A forum member near me has some tools and leathers for sale Really looking forward to it
  11. the highest quality sub mariner

    Rolex do a half decent Sub Reg has a good, cheap Sub Noob has an even better one BK does alright TC's version apparently answers the question
  12. Fake or replica

    I'd say counterfeit is a better word If it was a fake watch, that's kinda saying it's not actually a watch, right? On a side note, I have no issue with fake tits, which are still actually tits.... Guess I'll rephrase I have no issue with enhanced tits
  13. New Week Wrist Check - w/c 7th of August

    Not taking this off in a hurry Project number 1 was a success!
  14. New Week Wrist Check - w/c 7th of August

    Sorry, double post
  15. I-Phone for posting pictures

    Use at the start and end of the link