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  1. But you can only keep 3!

    A, C, F Covers the colour field and bezel type
  2. New Week Wrist Check 04th December 2017

    $13 Money well spent I put a $22 strap on mine and it tripled in value
  3. New Week Wrist Check 04th December 2017

    Yeah it’s 20mm, I ordered 22mm by complete accident. I have that Patek too and yes, for a cheap watch it looks great. Nice on the wrist too looking forward to seeing your DJ build
  4. New Week Wrist Check 04th December 2017

    Funny thing is, I ordered a leather ZULU for this and when it arrived I realised I’d ordered the wrong size.... This strap is one made by @brang1 and IMO it suits the Speedy perfectly Sounds like you’re getting some early Christmas presents
  5. New Week Wrist Check 04th December 2017

    Your wrist about to tap out from that choke?
  6. It's been just over a year so far .....

    Beautiful watches buddy! I think a nice Breguet would fit in well with your collection
  7. JLC Reverso Classic Automatic

    Awesome review buddy! Love the decorated movement Wear this watch whilst drinking straight bourbon with a twist of blood orange
  8. If so, I’m a Gump who is owed $20
  9. TD ore one of these sites for an Omega in UK?

    Pommy I highly recommend that you read the new members information. You will find ALL the answers to your questions there. All the Trusted Dealers are good or they wouldn’t be trusted dealers #2
  10. Hi from Atlanta!