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    watch is for sale https://forum.replica-watch.info/threads/modded-pam-508-ceramic-v6f-prof-gunny-strap-extras.380975/

    thanks! btw it looks a little big for my wrist in the photos, that's an illusion from the wide angle lens being close. http://imgur.com/a/YhHyH (photo someone took of me over the weekend) I did the math and everything + shipping + labor + box cost me right at $986. This is the ceramic version, not pvd so it's super scratch resistant. dealer: https://puretime03.com/watch-brands/panerai/luminer-submersible/pam508-p-v6f-1-1-best-edition-real-ceramic-on-black-kevlar-diving-strap-p9000-15373.html http://www.strapfreak.com/collections/mi-4 profsteve is the maker of the invisible crystal and can install it for you. I'm actually thinking about selling it for a franken job I have in the works :( I would m2m + hvac approval ofc im 100% m2m on rwi too under the same name btw
  3. Sea dweller 43mm

    why do i want to see this in full gold :D ?

    thank! and yes the stock glare was so bad. I could hardly ever see the dial. That also meant others couldn't either!

    cheers Nick :) Yes, the glare on the stock crystal was so awful, I could rarely see the dial. Problem SOLVED. I certainly do, thank you

    Title says it all but pictures do the real talking. I ordered htis V6F Ceramic 508 with box a while back. Got a profsteve xtal on her; PAMS automatically become twice as sexy with this convenient mod. I ordered a custom gunny strap for my 6.5" wrists :) Took that about 2 and a half months to get here. It's a beautiful thing.
  7. 10 Days since I rejected QC Pics

    nice work
  8. post useless additions to this topic
  9. BP 116613 Solid gold mid link??

    Noted; are the gold links also covered gold on the sides? that's my biggest stipulation - thanks for the suggestion!
  10. BP 116613 Solid gold mid link??

    starting to think I'll just get a noob gmt ln -- unless those are crap too :{
  11. BP 116613 Solid gold mid link??

    well, the BP factory 988$ allegedly has gold throughout the mid link, the $688 version by noob is just wrapped. now where the bracelet meets the watch, you can see silver halfway down the gold link. So it's a pretty solid giveaway. I'm just wondering how good that bp is. It seems they've updated their subs recently with better dials and other upgrades. I'm hoping this older solid gold model was included. I would imagine so. I don't mind paying the money for a nice tt blue sub, just want to make sure it's reasonable.
  12. http://chazingtime.co/product/submariner-116613-lb-bp-maker-best-edition-blue-dial-on-ssyg-bracelet-eta2836/ I'm ready to buy this freakin watch. I read on a forum that someone sand papered the sides of the gold links and found it was just gold plated on sides. Can anyone confirm? Or does anyone have information on this watch. It seems bp had a burple dial in the past that made everyone sick. But now it's fixed. I would love a two tone blue rolex. I've considered noobs gold wrapped version but I fear the silver will still be visible. Plus his dial isn't sunburst. http://www.ttw-138.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1_7&products_id=15386 It's still a solid contender if I can source a sunburst dial and someone to put it in (conus). As long as those mid links don't show silver.
  13. Noob v BP Sub Blue Wrapped Two Tone ?

    THIS IS some quality info, do you happen to have photos? I am close to buying tha $938 bp. SOLEY because the middle links looked solid
  14. 1. I mis-measured - 34mm is the correct size I'm guessing it's double AR. I had him install one on my AP and I had to tap the glass to see if there was anything even on it. Incredible how clear it is. I just paid prof $158 for the 508 crystal, I'm having it shipped to me for local installation. I've had him install on previous watch, I think it was about $25 for labor. As far as scratchability, I am not sure. Haven't had one long enough to answer, maybe someone else can chime in. I would like to see more competition though. Seems prof's managed somewhat of a crystal monopoly.
  15. and it's def 38mm. for anyone else needing this info!