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  1. God help me, I like this.

    Type 7 on the Bristol stool scale.
  2. New AP Royal Oak Chronos released!

    I just don't understand how they get things like that so wrong. Is it not obvious to them?
  3. myhermes

    Profit after tax £27m for 2016.
  4. myhermes

    Cunts indeed. Twice I've tried them and twice they didn't turning up to collect a parcel, sat at work by myself waiting for the gobshites to turn up. Apology - you must be joking. I only tried them the second time because they offered a large discount.
  5. That's lovely, have a link?
  6. My New Safari 2xar

    Do you send the original crystal to have it done?
  7. Invicta quality vs

    Funnily enough picked up the Sub copy with the NH35 a while back cheap and decided to have a play with it this weekend. Very mixed quality; I like the finish on the NH35 though I think the DG2813 I have in a couple of watches is ever so slightly smoother. The bezel is terrible, a cheap feeling click and poorly made, the insert is the thinnest aluminium you can get. The crysta is proper nasty and would be the first change for me. The dial is actually quite nice though the lume came out real easy. Hands are so so. The case itself is okay, don't like the bracelet one bit. Compared to something like the regmariner it's a good way behind in my opinion but you can pick them up for something like £70 which I suppose isn't too bad.
  8. Crystal Gasket

    Not sure, I've managed to collect a few that are in various states. I'm using them to practice on.
  9. My practice projet watch needs a gasket for the crystal. The one that came out with the crystal is in bits, that one is white and possibly silicone. I'm not sure what I actually need, I've measure the diameter of the crystal and the watch: The existing gasket has a height of 0.8. Of course being new to all this I don't really know what to buy. Can someone possibly point out what I'm looking for?
  10. That looks fantastic.
  11. Relume UK?

    I'll make contact with KeNnY then!
  12. Relume UK?

    As the title says, keen to get a YM dial relumed but struggling to find someone. I would prefer to send it to someone in the UK but open to suggestions.
  13. Crystal thickness

    Yeah, it's the height.
  14. I've just popped the crystal out of a Sub I picked up to practice modding on. The crystal is measuring 30.4mm x 2.4mm. I note the genuine replacements or the likes of a Clark are 2mm thick, the gasket is measuring 0.8mm. Could I use the 2mm with say a 1.2mm gasket? Thanks
  15. Watches in films

    There were always rumours that certain journalist got nicely paid to review products they've never heard... Hi-Fi World was the only publication I bothered reading.