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  1. A week on the wrist

    Can you give a wrist shot of the Marcus. Not many people have it but I just love it. Thanks.
  2. Rolex does disney

  3. I've become too jaded to respond

    Must ... resist ... to ... press ... on ... those ... threads ........
  4. Wow CanadaPost

    What shipping method did they use? Most international post method's tracking don't show up in the Canada Post tracking except for EMS and USPS mostly. I waited about 3 weeks for Royal Post and about 4 weeks for SingPost.
  5. Grail Arrived

    Wow, that is a good deal!
  6. Lost in the AP jungle

    Check out the AP sub forum.
  7. Mickey Mouse Grail

    http://www.ebay.com/itm/Invicta-Disney-38mm-Mickey-Mouse-Pro-Diver-Scuba-Quartz-Watch-Black-/401373991422?epid=2132740046&hash=item5d73c111fe:g:ZJcAAOSw0n5ZepiT $13 with 3 days left! Hurry up!
  8. Replacement strap

    Try emailing our TDs and ask them.
  9. 84US$ for an asian 7750??

    So you can use it on an AP 7750 rep then?
  10. Buying a gold 1601 datejust at 22?

    I think this is in the wrong section.
  11. What Was I Thinking!!

    Man, you are a whole lot braver than I am. We are about the same age and I just don't think I'll have the energy to do take care of a baby. Congrats buddy.
  12. Oh man, that's a very bad rep strap fit. Maybe you should contact the TD you bought it from and ask him to send you a replacement strap and a set of lugs.
  13. Noob mistakes

    Did you contact the TD you got it from to try to fix this?
  14. I don't think there should be such a big gap between the strap and watch case. It should be a tight fit like with the rep strap.
  15. A New Hobby - Making Straps

    Can't wait to see your AP straps!