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  1. Need help with versions, makers and descriptions

    Thank you for all the help. I've alreday found those threads before. I looked into the different factories, but even the dealers won't tell me which factory the IWC is from. In the review section mostly Big Pilots are reviewed. There are some 5007 models reviewed, but those reviews are from a couple years back. I figured, that in all this time new version/models might have appeared. So the consensus is, that I just need to trust the dealer, that the 400$ are well spent? It just feels, that when the desccriptions says in all red caps "Best Version 1:1 Fully dissected" it is closer to the gen, than any watch with barely any description...
  2. Need help with versions, makers and descriptions

    Thank you very much for the immediate reply! How did you figure out, that it was a YL Factory? I could not find anything on the website... Did you own a 5007 model as well?
  3. Hello Forum, I've been lurking a lot in the forums and on some dealers sites. I already pulled the trigger on a Nomos Rep. I now want to buy myself either an "IWC 5007 Portugieser" (http://www.pf-818.com/0-0-iwp7d00085-portugese-5007.html) or an "Omega Speedmaster - Dark Side of the Moon" (http://www.pf-818.com/omsp00068-speedmaster-darkside-of-the-moon-cer-ny-black-a-7750.html?___SID=U) That is where I need your help. There are hardly any reviews of those around. Does anybody already have one of those two reps or can link to some reviews? There is no maker/factory on the different TD websites. Both watches are almost 400$ and no maker or special attributes are named. When I look at Rolex or Panerai there are dozens of lines about special attributes, manifacturing processes, color accuracy or how the rep resembles the gen. With the abovementioned watches I get the feeling I don't have enough information or the price tag doesn't quite match the quality. I may be wrong, but I just don't have any sources to tell me otherwise. Can anybody give me any insight on this ? Which factory is the best for a specific watch (i.e. Noob V7 for Sub, etc.) Thank you so much in advance!
  4. Welcoming the noobs 101

    Im looking for that too Andrew from Trusty-Time has discounts. It is like 15$ for each watch discount. But buying more than two watches might not be the safest way. I for myself wouldn't buy more than two watches each time, just to minimize the risks with customs and so on....
  5. Hi everyone [New member from central Europe]

    Thank you very much for the help. I constantly tried to use the Picture function in the Editor, which did not work at all. Simply pasting the link did, however.
  6. Hi everyone [New member from central Europe]

    Sorry for the double post, I am still trying to figure out how to insert photos via photbucket. Wanted to show off my collection. Didn't get it to work though :(
  7. Hey everyone, as stated in the rules I just wanted briefly introduce myself. I consider myself knowing of some cheaper mechanical watches, but I certainly do not have any experience with higher end replicas. My collection currently consists of: Orient Mako II Blue (Metal and a Nato Strap) GT&FQ M001 (Jaeger LeCoultre Hommage with an astonishing quality) Tisell Pilots Watch (Also amazing quality considering the price) I also have some wooden Watch (which is unfortunately a little bit too big for my wrist) and a very cheap IWC replica (~20$). The IWC held up pretty well (2 years+) but the mechanical movement is pretty bad (though quite accurate considering the price). I also bought some Leather Straps, but I heard the ones from Jacob are pretty dope. Currently I am really interested in the IWC Portugieser Replicas, they're real beauties.