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  1. Which DateJust?

    I'd go for my Franken :-)
  2. My collection

    Thanks MAJ75, I also have several Tissot's but gen so didn't put them on. I am interested in expanding the collection, not necessarily selling to buy but will change some out as my taste dictates
  3. 1601 Datejust Genken (99% gen) Build Sheet

    Now that's what I call dedication with a touch of research a pinch of knowledge and a whole lot of energy.....brilliant. The knowledge on this site contunues to astound me
  4. My collection

    Thanks guys, the DJ is a franken from a renowned guy from this forum....STUNNING
  5. My collection

    I have only recently started collecting rep watches, probably started 12 months ago simply because I couldn'tafford the real thing, I have seen some members post similar posts with their watches and thought I'd do the same...be gentle I am a newbie and just starting out on my rep watch journey, the little i know about them I have learnt on this forum, there aresome great and helpful members here, there arealso some who just want to take the piss and I got to say are hilarious. When I first bought them I thought that "AAA" and "ETA" were 2 standards of quality and believed that the "AAA" watches sold for around £200 and the "ETA" around £300-£600. Since joining the forum I now know its not as simple as that. Here are some of my collection; Without doubt my best, recently acquired on this forum its a beauty. Not sure what movement is in the yacht-master 11, but from what I have read an eta A2836 seems to fit the bill. This watch has been in good working order for the last 6 months. This Daytona is just ok, weight feels good but crown doesnt feel in great working order however works well for now and has done for last 9 months, not sure which movement is in and its mineral glass. This Deep Sea Dweller feels and looks exactly the same as a gen to the naked eye, I have a friend who has the same gen and the weight and everything is comparable even he couldn't tell the difference. This Sea master planet ocean is ETA movement but I don't know which one, defo a higher quality rep. I bracelet is gen. This Daytona has Sapphire glass and ETA clone movement but I don't know which one. Personally Black isn't my thing.
  6. Letting you guys Decide!

    Pic no 2 for me with blue dial, you can't lose whatever you go for!
  7. Chinese movement size guide

    I'm trying to educate myself better, this is a good guide for the movements, is the price for the movements only or what we would have spect to pay for a watch with the particula movement in? I ask because I have several reps ranging n price from £85 to £600 how would I know what movement would likely be in the watch? Cheers
  8. TAG Monaco

    Apparently in this film he wore the Heuer crest on his racing suit and a square dial heuer monaco on his wrist ??
  9. TAG Monaco

    People who know better tell me this is a must have for any watch enthusiast, I believe it was made famous..... legendary actually in the 1970 film "Le Mans with Steve McQueen.... thoughts folks?
  10. Don't put a watch in your pint

    It's called having pissed arseholes for mates I guess Dalboy, there are more and more reps around and people obvs wanting to pass them off as real, mine was apparently an eta and didn't show any obvious signs of leakage but mysteriously kept stopping afterwards, I /might use this as my first watch to take apart and explore
  11. Don't put a watch in your pint

    Thanks elp, ill hav a good read through that later.
  12. Don't put a watch in your pint

    elp one thing I am starting to see is if a watch IS waterproof to another level no one can guarantee it
  13. Don't put a watch in your pint

    Cheers RepGuy
  14. Well it seems the local I drink in all want to have a look at your new "authentic" Rolex which cost £100 and the first thing they do is throw it in your pint, anyone else suffer this ha?